Cornell and Davis Tackle "Wolverine" For Marvel NOW!

Marvel Comics continues its roll-out for new series in the Marvel NOW! status quo. iFanboy reports an all new "Wolverine" ongoing series by writer Paul Cornell and artist Alan Davis for the publisher's relaunch will fire in March. The book marks Cornell's return to Marvel following his run on DC's "Demon Knights." Cornell and Davis' first arc, "Hunting Season" begins as the life of a little boy hangs in the balance and a new enemy has set its sights on Wolverine.

"James is caught up in a hostage situation, which involves a threat to innocents from a very disciplined, ruthless new character, the nature of which we're only gradually going to reveal," Cornell told iFanboy. "That turns into an action movie chase, where James is highly motivated to stop having to repeat something not very nice he had to do in front of one of said innocents. James is at his best when he's protecting others. I've been a father for four weeks, and I asked myself, which super hero would I hand my baby to? And the answer is James Logan, because he will die before he see that child hurt, and anyone who wants to do so has to get through the Wolverine. This title is about that balance between protector and berserker, between long-lived oddity and regular guy."

Cornell went on to describe his mission statement for the book, and described his approach as having "the sensibility of a show like 'Person of Interest'" with aspects of "character, hard action, a few laughs, James with a new supporting cast of fellow professionals, going hunting in the big city, the lives of innocents at stake."

The end of the current "Wolverine" series by Cullen Bunn was revealed in Marvel's December Solicitations and will presumably wrap things up for Cornell's series to launch in March. "Wolverine" is the second series featuring the character announced by Marvel for the publishing initiative, with Frank Cho's "Savage Wolverine" launching in January.

"Wolverine" #1 hits stores in March 2013

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