Corgi/Marvel Sign License Deal To Create Metal Figures

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL - Corgi USA, the leading name in die-cast scalemodels, has acquired the license from Marvel Entertainment, Inc.to produce exclusive high end collectible metal figurines of someof the hottest characters in the comic book world.

The initial Marvel line, to be introduced at the AmericanInternational Toy Fair in February, 2006, will include Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor as well as other heroes andvillains. Unlike the resin-only figures of these characterscurrently on the market, Corgi's 1/12th scale (approx. 6") metalfigures will stand the test of time. Produced in very limitedquantities, these highly detailed figures will be priced toencourage consumers to collect the complete line. The firstfigure produced in the series will be exceedingly limited andsure to enhance collectibility.


Each character will be produced in 3D along with alter egofigures and adversarial characters so collectors can build acomprehensive collection.

"We've quickly become known among collectors as the leadingsource for high-quality metal comics collectibles," DavidDavenport, Corgi General Manager the Americas. "With Marvel onboard, we're continuing -- and greatly expanding -- ourcommitment to this vital segment."

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