Corey Stoll 'Absolutely Thrilled' to Have a Role in 'Ant-Man'

Corey Stoll is about to take a break from hunting vampires to focus on a smaller menace.

The star of FX's new horror thriller The Strain, he's set to appear in Marvel's Ant-Man, which features Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas as two different generations of the size-changing hero. Stoll's role remains under wraps, but even without revealing the details of who he's portraying, it's clear he's excited to play in the superhero sandbox.

"I'm absolutely thrilled," Stoll told Collider. "Reading the script – and the script that [outgoing director Edgar Wright] wrote, and the script that there is now – it’s insane that this movie hasn’t been made before. Obviously, you need the technology because it needs to look great. But the whole idea of the changing of scale and the experiential effect of size changing is just so cool. You read these scenes on the page, and I just got giddy. I think it’s gonna be so much fun."

"You can get a little fatigued with superheroes because everybody is just punching everybody, or shooting everybody with ray beams," he continued. "This is a completely different kinetic experience in the theater. Shrinking and growing back, there’s just so much material there to root it in.  I think it’s gonna be great."

Ant-Man, directed by Peyton Reed, hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

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