Coraline: Animated Film is Now a Box Lunch Line of Clothing, Products

Box Lunch is now offering an exclusive line of spooky Coraline merchandise. They've shared a new promotional video depicting some of the new items available on YouTube.

The video displays a wide variety of the new line up, including pieces such as an officially licensed Coraline: Monopoly board game as well as a selection of apparel, accessories and household sundries. Notable examples include a Loungefly convertible mini-backpack capable of transitioning to a handbag or cross-body bag. The polyurethane surface is decorated by various set pieces from the film such as the praying mantis gardening machine as well as the eponymous Coraline herself all set off with bronze-toned clips.

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Another distinctive item is a Coraline replica doll, a duplicate of the item of that appears the film. The doll is a close reproduction, not a plastic whole mold but a cloth doll with yarn hair, button eyes, and a removable yellow slicker raincoat, even Coraline's outfit and slickers are faithfully recreated.

Coraline is a 2009 children's dark fantasy film directed by Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and The Giant Peach) and based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, Good Omens). The film centers on a clever but lonely girl named Caroline who resents her distracted parents and wanders through their creepy new apartment in search of amusement. She soon encounters an eerie parallel world populated by idealized alternative versions of her family and neighbors each with a set of buttons instead of eyes. The parallel world starts as a dream come true but as the mystery unravels Coraline soon uncovers the horrifying truth at the center of the parallel world and finds the courage to go toe to toe with evil.

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The Coraline merchandise line is currently available at BoxLunch.com.

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