'Copybook Tales' returns to comic stores and the 'net

Official Press Release

[Copybook Tales Collection]Oni Press is pleased to announce the March release of COPYBOOK TALES, a new trade paperback collecting the critically acclaimed comic series from creators J. Torres (ALISON DARE, SIDEKICKS) and Tim Levins (GOTHAM ADVENTURES). Originally appearing as a 6-issue miniseries from Slave Labor Graphics, this complete volume includes all the comics as well as the hard-to-find minicomics and some never-before-seen stories. To celebrate this book, Torres and Levins have returned to the lives of Jamie and Thatcher for a series of original online strips set to begin at OniPress.com this December.

"COPYBOOK was a very different kind of comic," said collection editor James Lucas Jones. "J. and Tim's work on this book feels so sincere. It just exudes the passion that Jamie and Thatcher feel. It's easy to get lost in the characters and their dreams."

COPYBOOK TALES follows Jamie and Thatcher through their ups and downs, their leaps forward and their occasional setbacks. When Jamie starts going through his childhood "copybooks," journals he'd kept of his misadventures, the two finally find the inspiration they need to burst onto the scene. While the story is rooted in the culture that has arisen around comics, there is more to it than that.

"Working on the online strips has been a ton of fun," concluded Torres. "Sometimes it's nice to go back to the beginning. COPYBOOK TALES offers a great opportunity for fans to see how we started. Even though both Tim and myself have made leaps and bounds artistically since then, I think the work holds up and gives a real insight into the stuff we've done since. There's nothing like that first time."

COPYBOOK TALES is a black-and-white trade paperback with 240 pages of story and art. Shipping to comic book stores March 27, 2001. It has a brand-new color cover, as well as all new material and is priced at $19.95 US, $29.95 Can. COPYBOOK TALES online strips start on December 30 at OniPress.com/SundayComics.

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