Coppola Shooting Horror Movie With Val Kilmer

Don't call it a comeback - Actually, you should probably call it two, instead. Francis Ford Coppola is directing a new genre mash-up that will also bring Val Kilmer back into the spotlight, called Twixt Now And Sunset.

Although Coppola has seemed quiet since 1997's The Rainmaker, he's actually directed two smaller-scale movies in recent years, Youth Without Youth and Tetro, both of which were only given limited release in the US. This new movie, which also stars Elle Fanning and Bruce Dern, looks set to be more suitable for mainstream US tastes, being described as "a thriller with overtones of horror," and based on a short story by the director. According to Deadline, Coppola is financing the movie himself, and has not yet sought a distributor. Maybe he's learning from George Lucas' example...?

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