10 Coolest Restaurants From Comic Books That We'd Want To Eat At

Comic book readers have seen thousands of pages of fighting and smooching since the earliest comics were released. Another thing that readers see regularly is food. Since food is such an important part of life, it is no surprise how often the setting of a comic or even a whole comic series is in a restaurant.

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From coffee shops to chain restaurants, there is no shortage of locations to visit across the many comic book universes when looking for some good grub. In this article, we're going to look at ten of the most mouth-watering restaurants or atmospheric hang-outs that the heroes and villains we have come to know and which we'd love to visit. Warning, you will get hungry!

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10 Earth-212 Korean BBQ

Readers get their first look at the restaurant, simply called Korean BBQ, as one of the stories of Marvel NOW! Point One. It makes a return as the only place for a moment of peace during Young Avengers #8. While there are plenty of real-life equivalents, mostly similar in being named Korean BBQ, the restaurant of Earth 212 is like no other.

Kid Loki states that Korean BBQ, NY style, is the “absolute pinnacle across all realities” and it makes sense. Earth 212 is the Earth that New Yorkers want since Manhattan stretches across the whole Earth. But there, in Koreatown VIII, sits the best atmosphere you can want. America Chavez recommends the pork belly.

9 Bat Burger

Bat Burger is everything a fast-food chain wishes it could be in today’s culture. Based out of Gotham, this chain serves up a typical burger style menu. From the namesake burger, the Batburger to the Night-Wings and the Robin Nuggets, their branding is on point.

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Rather than the typical upselling from employees in polos, you get teenagers in really bad Batman costumes asking if you would like to Jokerize your fries, which is just adding a special seasoning. Bruce Wayne initially finds this offensive while his sons love the atmosphere and comedy. They even get the Bat-Family toy-line right with that awesome Red Hood action figure in Damian’s Bat-Mite Meal.

8 Big Belly Burger

Big Belly Burger is one of the only constant fictional restaurants in comics. Appearing first in Adventures of Superman Vol. 1 #441 in 1988, it has remained a staple of many series, in comics and on television. While the original inspiration was Bob’s Big Boy, the fictional chain greatly outgrew its real-life counterpart.

Just reading the many parts of the menu, it is easy to see why. The belly burgers are named so that you want to order them and hope you get that fulfilled feeling and add in a classic shake to get a classic meal. If it is good enough for the heroes of the DC Universe to love, it's good enough for us.

7 Mephisticuffs

In the real world, thousands gather each weekend at sports bars to eat and watch grown men fight each other. While barbaric, this tradition brings families and friends closer together. Why not kick it up a notch by introducing hell demons into the mix? Located in the heart of Hell Town, where the baddest of the bad hang out, is Mephisticuffs.

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This quaint eatery also serves as a fighting ring for anyone passing through to go ham on each other. During the events of Avengers Undercover, Runaways' very own Nico Minoru has herself a fun battle in the ring where she destroys a hell beast for the thrill. Anyone eating the paella, as recommended by Damion Hellstrom, would have a good dinner and a great show.

6 Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe

When the Archie crew need to unwind after a night of being ‘50s icons, vampires, werewolves or CW teen drama stars, they hit up the old-timey, 24-hour joint Pop’s. Officially called Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, this diner is everything that was expected from the classic eat-ins of its time.

From the amazing shake options to the many burgers that Jughead has consumed over the 80 years since it’s inception, Pop’s has held a high standing in the public consciousness. While the recent iterations have made Pop’s into a bit more of a dive than a diner, it is someplace that we want to be real. We’d give anything for a Chock’lit Shake. Well, we’d give money at least.

5 Dolores Fajita Nate’s Tex-Mex Cuisine

How do you make the words “All You Can Eat” better? By adding the word chimichangas to it. While it is shown to be a chain, it's entirely probable that the Florida locations, as seen in 2015’s Ant-Man, do not have the same all you can eat deal. Rather it is one location in New York that holds the weekly chimichanga festival.

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At the start of the events of Night of the Living Deadpool, we are first introduced to Dolores Fajita Nate’s Tex-Mex Cuisine. While that might not be the actual name of the chain, that is how it appears on all of its promotional material. Even in the zombie-infested world of the series, a good lunch spot is tough to pass up. Even more so if the food is good enough to put you in a food coma long enough to miss the apocalypse.

4 Jiro’s Sushi

Jiro’s Sushi bar, from Anthony Bourdain’s Get Jiro, is a quaint little place where you can go to get the most amazing sushi in a world overrun by a gluttony of fast food chains and pretentious high-end eateries. Throughout Get Jiro, readers are introduced to several great eateries, but none are as specific and focused as the sushi bar.

Much like Korean BBQ, the restaurant’s name is just Sushi, though it is referred to as Jiro’s Sushi throughout the series. The delicate way the comic shows Jiro making the sushi from start to finish is truly cuisine art at its highest form. When you do visit, be sure not to insult Jiro or ask for a California Roll, or else.

3 Clowntown

If Clowntown doesn’t sound like a place you’d like to eat at, then you and Gwen Stacy cannot be friends. Introduced in Spider-Women Alpha, this joint has everything that parents would want, save for crepes. It takes quite a bit of a reputation to be labeled the “greatest place on this, or any, Earth.”

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This eatery is centered by a play place of epic proportions. Don’t worry if you are an adult either, as Cindy Moon, aka Silk, show readers that they can have fun too. Ball pits, slides and clown imagery galore line the walls of this paradise. They also have amazing food like deep-fried peanut butter cups.

2 Jitters

If you have the slightest inkling of knowledge about the DC Universe, you'll know that Jitters is a nice hang spot, until it's being attacked by villains. While Jitters is technically a coffee shop, they have been shown to sell muffins, sandwiches, and soups which, at the very least, makes them an eatery.

Imagine going into a place with your friends in Central City, asking for a Flash Espresso, and possibly getting to meet the man himself while you sip the deliciousness. Even if you don’t know the Flash’s real identity, at some point, he begins to feel like a friend. Not to mention there's one on most blocks of Central City, so you’re bound to find one that really makes you feel at home.

1 Planet Krypton

Booster Gold has made quite a lot of bad decisions in his life, but sometimes he has made sound investments. Planet Krypton is one of those. The idea of the restaurant is simple, superheroes are celebrated.

What is seen of the restaurant depends on the location, but the biggest experience readers get is a very human story. In The Kingdom: Planet Krypton, the reader is given an in-depth look at the restaurant. The servers are regular people with tough lives dressed up in various superhero costumes and the place is decorated with a revolving set of memorabilia. A comic fan would be almost guaranteed a good time at a Planet Krypton.

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