Coolest news out of SDCC?

The San Diego Comic Con brought us a number of interesting news stories, but I wonder...what was the coolest project announcement?

Was it Joe Casey's graphic novel, Nixon's Pals (with Chris Burnham on art, who is an awesome artist), about a parole officer for super villains?

Was it Joe Casey's new ongoing series, Charlatan Ball (with Andy Suriano on art) about a magician caught in an cross-dimensional, magical death match for the sake of the human race?

Was it the "lost" issue of Fantastic Four, written by Stan Lee with pencils by Jack Kirby (including the interesting tidbit about how the issue came about, where apparently Kirby insisted on a written plot if Lee was to take the "writer" credit)?

Was it the New Frontier animated film?

Was it Corey Lewis' Sharknife 2: Double Z, where he promises that each fight will be more individualized (THANK YOU, COREY!) and "each character will be displaying much richer, deeper aspects of their individuality (THANK YOU, COREY!)?

Was it Frank Miller announced as the director of The Spirit?

Was it Debbie Huey's new Bumperboy graphic novel from AdHouse?

My pick is..........hmmmmmmmm.......I guess Frank Miller directing the Spirit. That could be very interesting.

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