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This seemed interesting to me, so I thought you folks might be interested as well...

Austin, TX-Super villains are stepping out of comic books and into reality with Citizen Gray Productions' documentary "Villain 101." The documentary will record the yearlong transition of owner/director Alex Gray from average middle-aged man to stereotypical super villain.

The transition will include everything from routine workouts and training to hiring henchmen and building a secret lair. Acts of "evil" (within legal and safety constraints) will be committed, actors and authors that have either represented or created villainous or heroic characters will be interviewed, and there will be an inner-council and marketing team to advise Gray on treachery, world domination and proper villainous style. "Villain 101" promises to be more than just a nefarious send-up of reality makeover shows. The true purpose of the project is to determine the feasibility of super villainy holding up in reality as well as to examine the various aspects of actual true-to-life evil behavior as compared to the broad treachery represented in modern entertainment and literature.

Word of the "Villain 101" project began spreading immediately after the March 23rd, 2007 kick-off party at Austin Studios' Screening Room. A talented and enthusiastic team has already sprung up, which promises to grow in the coming weeks and months as Gray recruits an ever-widening inner circle.

To aid in creating a villainous persona, Gray has teamed-up with comic book authors and editors Park and Barbara Lien-Cooper who are forming a council consisting of other comic book authors and illustrators to serve as creative consultants in designing and establishing a name, look, and back-story for this anti-heroic archetype. Dr. Park Cooper, editor at Silent Devil and Septagon Studios, and Barbara Lien-Cooper co-wrote the comic "Half Dead," recently published and distributed by Marvel Comics.

Both have extensive resumes in the comic industry including, but not limited to, authoring the critically acclaimed "Gun Street Girl," a stint on the multiple-Eisner-awardwinning print magazine "Comic Book Artist," Park's edits to the three-part limited series "Fiction Clemens," Barbara's adaptations for Tokyopop from Japanese and/or Korean to English, and co-authoring "The Park and Barb Show" online. Barbara was also a founding member of the women's webzine "Sequential Tart."

The project will be filmed and edited by professional photographer and Citizen Gray Productions collaborator Darren Abate and produced by Amberlin Cross.

For further information about the documentary or to keep up with the chronicles of an up and-coming super villain visit Gray's web log at www.villain101.blogspot.com

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