Cool Comic Cover Gallery - Herb Trimpe

This week, the featured artist is Herb Trimpe.

So enjoy ten cool comic covers by a cool comic cover artist, Herb Trimpe!

As usual, I will try not to use covers of the same title, but I did have to make an exception for one title (and I'll admit it, I also cheated once).

Here is one of the many famous covers Trimpe drew over the years, the first issue of G.I. Joe!

Here is one of the many striking covers Trimpe did for the Killraven feature in Amazing Adventures...

Here's another famous cover from the book Trimpe is probably most known for, cover-wise, the Incredible Hulk...

Here, of course, is the MOST famous Hulk cover - I just couldn't let the Samson one and the Wolverine one go unmentioned!

Here's where I just totally cheat - a reprint of a Hulk issue - great cover though, eh?

The Joe Sinnott inks are a big part of this cover, but still, it's a sweet looking book.

Trimpe was a master of licensed products...

Here is a slightly later Trimpe cover, from the late 80s...

Trimpe did a lot of cool western covers - here's an example...

Finally, yet another licensed product...

Which one is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite Herb Trimpe cover that you think I should have put in the gallery instead of one of these ten?

What artists would you like to see featured in the future?

Let me know!

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