Cool Comic Book Moments Archive!

Here is the archive of all the cool comic book moments featured so far! They are in the order of when I posted the entries, so the most recent entries are at the end of the list.

Deadpool saving the world through a kick to the groin is #356.

1. Spider-Man beats impossible odds to lift a pile of wreckage (Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #33))

2. Yes, an Android CAN cry (Avengers (Vol. 1) #58))

3. A young runaway is picked up by a suspicious man, but his motivations for picking her up are surprising (Stray Bullets #4))

4. Captain Cold gives an impressive speech about the power of cold (Suicide Squad #18)

5. Spider-Man makes a shocking revelation to the kid who collects Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #248)

6. Batman and Ra's Al Ghul fence each other bare-chested in the desert (Batman #244)

7. Batman returns from the seeming grave to confront Ra's Al Ghul (Batman #244)

8. Batman and Talia share a special moment after his defeat of her father (Batman #244 )

9. A thrilling conclusion to the first Zenith storyline by Grant Morrison (2000 A.D. #549)

10. Hawkeye cheats to save the universe (Avengers Annual #16)

11. A brilliant depiction of a man being hypnotized to travel through time (Too Cool to be Forgotten OGN)

12. Morpheus wins a game of wits against a demon (The Sandman (Vol. 2) #4)

13. Joe Kelly has a good time mocking the way Mary Jane would used to just start dancing out of nowhere in old issues of Amazing Spider-Man (Deadpool (Vol. 1) #11)

14. Alan Moore cleverly (and devastatingly) explains why Abin Sur was flying a spaceship when he died(Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2)

15. The debut of the "Bechdel Test" for movies (Dykes to Watch Out For Vol. 1)

16. Frank Miller depicts Captain America showing some patriotism under fire (Marvel Fanfare #18)

17. Superman tells Mongul to "burn" (Superman Annual #11 )

18. Yorick says goodbye to a close friend in the final issue of Y the Last Man(Y the Last Man #60 )

19. Grant Morrison gives us a heartbreakingly unexpected point of view character(The Invisibles (Vol. 1) #12)

20. A young boy meets Spider-Man, or at least his perception of who Spider-Man is.(Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #35)

21. Bizarro bids Superman a sad "Hello" (Superman (Vol. 1) #423 )

22. Superman is visited by his dead cousin, who is time-traveling from a point in time before her death. Superman can't let her know her ultimate fate and it breaks him down. (Superman (Vol. 1) #423 )

23. Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang show that no one can say that they didn't love Superman as much as anyone(Action Comics #583 )

24. Krypto tragically sacrifices himself for his owner (Action Comics #583 )

25. The Avengers become MODOCs (Mental Organisms Designed Only for Conquest) (Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #9)

26. A private investigator figures out Spider-Man's secret identity (or does he?) (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #36)

27. We are introduced to young best friends, Eric and Woody and a (not so unconscious) dog (Quantum and Woody #1)

28. Hal Jordan first recites his Green Lantern oath (Showcase (Vol. 1) #22)

29. Someone surprising sacrifices themselves for Kang the Conqueror(Avengers (Vol. 1) #24)

30. A pirate tells a disturbing story to the wrong audience (his blind date) (Scurvy Dogs #1)

31. Blue Beetle makes a sadly prophetic joke.(Justice League America #35)

32. Doom steals the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #57)

33. Batman answers the challenge to leave the safety of the Batmobile and fight man to man(Batman: The Dark Knight #2)

34. Rick Jones always carries an emergency parachute. Why wouldn't he?(The Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #375)

35. Did Judge Dredd just kill himself on national television!?!(2000 A.D. #261)

36. The octopus Topo saves a seemingly ruined birthday party by becoming a one-octopus band.(Adventure Comics #266)

37. Captain America saves the Avengers and Nick Fury in a stunning double-page spread by Jim Steranko (Captain America #113 )

38. Captain America and Rick Jones take on a horde of Hydra agents in a stunning splash page by Jim Steranko(Captain America #113 )

39. The Thing first says "It's Clobberin' Time!"(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #22)

40. The first time someone shouted "Avengers assemble!"(The Avengers (Vol. 1) #10)

41. The first time that Franky knifed someone in the eye. (The Goon (Vol. 1) #3)

42. The first time that the Tick's battle cry, "Spoon!" was used(The Tick (Vol. 1) #7)

43. The first time someone "Bwah Ha Ha Ha"ed (Justice League International (Vol. 1) #8)

44. The first time Wolverine said that he was the best there is at what he does...and what he does best is not very nice. (Wolverine (Vol. 1) #1)

45. The first appearance of Mary Jane Watson (Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #42)

46. The Flash saves half a million people from a nuclear bomb(JLA #89)

47. Iron Man puts everything he has into one punch against a rampaging Hulk (Iron Man (Vol. 1) #132)

48. Count Vertigo decides whether he wants to commit suicide or not(Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #66)

49. A group of superheroes improbably knock Galactus unconscious(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #243)

50. ONE PUNCH!!! (Justice League #5)

51. The Umbrella Academy fight the Eiffel Tower(Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1)

52. Osiris is betrayed(52 #43)

53. Wolverine emerges from the sewers for revenge(Uncanny X-Men #132)

54. Jim Lee draws an iconic splash page of Captain America(Uncanny X-Men #268)

55. Rogue forces Wolverine to change his opinion of her after a noble sacrifice on her part (Uncanny X-Men #173)

56. Emma Frost tricks Namor into believing she meted out some medieval justice on Sebastian Shaw(Uncanny X-Men Annual (Vol. 2) #1)

57. "Professor Xavier is a Jerk!" (Uncanny X-Men #168)

58. Jean Grey sacrifices herself for her teammates and the man she loves(Uncanny X-Men #100)

59. Kitty Pryde fights a demon by herself(Uncanny X-Men #143)

60. The Comedian explains that it is all a joke. (Watchmen #2 )

61. Rorschach ruins the life of his prison psychologist (Watchmen #5)

62. Ozymandias is inspired to "save" the world(Watchmen #2 )

63. Silk Spectre and Nite Owl have sex (Watchmen #7)

64. Big Figure meets an unsightly end(Watchmen #8)

65. Ozymandias did it thirty-five minutes ago(Watchmen #11)

66. Rorschach's inability to compromise does him in(Watchmen #12)

67. Bullseye kills Elektra (Daredevil #181 )

68. Bullseye refuses to be saved by Daredevil (Daredevil #181 )

69. We learn that the events of Akira could have been avoided if not for a misunderstanding at a playground years ago(Akira Book 6)

70. Hellboy shows his humanity in battle against Rasputin(Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #4)

71. Deadshot takes Amanda Waller's instructions a tad too literally(Suicide Squad #22)

72. First appearance of the Goat! (Quantum and Woody #3)

73. The Thing puts an entire building on his back(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #95)

74. Perry White gives us an iconic catch phrase two-fer with "Don't Call Me Chief" AND "Great Caesar's Ghost"(Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #22)

75. J.H. Williams tells Manhattan Guardian's story through the pages of an actual newspaper (Seven Soldiers #1)

76. Garth Ennis goes off on St. Patrick's Day a bit(The Boys #27)

77. Captain America has an iconic dream by Jim Steranko(Captain America #111)

78. Aunt May has a great death scene (yes, it turned out not to be Aunt May, but we didn't know that ast the time!)(Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #400)

79. Magneto makes one of his greatest last page reveal (Magneto is well known for his last page reveals) (X-Men (Vol. 1) #62)

80. Lex Luthor shows another side to his personality in his adoration of Albert Einstein(Superman (Vol. 1) #416)

81. The heroism of the Fantastic Four is enough to turn a jerk into a hero(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #51)

82. The "return" part of the Dark Knight returning(Batman: The Dark Knight #1 )

83. The classic opening bike race (Akira Book 1)

84. Nefaria kicks the Avengers' collective ass until Thor shows up to have at him (Avengers (Vol. 1) #165)

85. “Do you know what radios waves look like? Because I do!”(Superman (Vol. 1) #423 )

86. John Byrne delivers an iconic double-page splash detailing Cap's history from World War II to the present(Captain America #255)

87. The Authority use their giant inter-dimensional ship as a bullet to pierce the force field surrounding a bad guy's island(The Authority (Vol. 1) #4)

88. Thor and Thing clash in a classic Jack Kirby splash page(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #73)

89. Wonder Woman snaps her mother out of a hypnotic cloud the only way she knows how(Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #137)

90. Frank Miller creates what has now become the iconic visual of the murder of Batman's parents(Batman: The Dark Knight #1 )

91. Thor shows up in the middle of a "debate" between fans of the Hulk and Thor (The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1) #112)

92. Punisher meets Archie (Punisher Meets Archie #1)

93. Doctor Doom shockingly sacrifices his one true love to have the means to destroy Reed Richards(Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #67)

94. Reed Richards and Doom fight through time (and the pages of the comic book) (Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #352)

95. The Avengers convince some bureaucrat that Cap really IS unique(Captain America #444)

96. Cap returns from "death"(Captain America #445)

97. Cap emerges from the Cosmic Cube with murderous intent towards the Red Skull(Captain America #448)

98. Captain America and Bill Clinton share a dramatic patriotic moment(Captain America #453)

99. Captain America finally lives up to Sharon Carter's expectations (Captain America #454)

100. Spider-Man tragically learns the true meaning of "with great power comes great responsibility"(Amazing Fantasy (Vol. 1) #15)

101. Superman spends some bittersweet time on Krypton before it explodes(Superman (Vol. 1) #141)

102. Tommy Monaghan learns that sometimes luck is more important than skill (Hitman #7)

103. A malfunctioning bomb leads to Hellboy making quite a strange introduction to some Nazis(Hellboy: Wake the Devil #1)

104. Captain America lends a much-needed hand(Spectacular Spider-Man #202)

105. J. Jonah Jameson shows how awesome he can be at times (Uncanny X-Men #346)

106. Guy Gardner shows how awesome HE can be at times (Adventures of Superman Annual #4)

107. Tommy Monaghan gives Superman a pep talk (Hitman #34)

108. Batman infiltrates the Suicide Squad headquarters (Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #10 )

109. Batman's sense of justice conflicts with Wonder Woman's sense of honor and the end result is quite dramatic (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia )

110. Batman prostrates himself to achieve justice the only way he can figure possible in the situation (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia )

111. The object of Wonder Woman and Batman's conflict decides to change the equation in dramatic fashion (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia )

112. A beast is given reason to regret having messed with a friend of Hellboy's(Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August )

113. Doctor Thirteen stands up to the power of the "Architects" of the DC Universe(Tales of the Unexpected (Vol. 2) #8)

114. Spider-Man overcomes his first ass-whupping(Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #3)

115. Captain America is forced to take drastic measures against a vampire(Captain America #254)

116. "It was a nice piece of work, Kingpin. You shouldn't have signed it." (Daredevil #227)

117. "There is no corpse. There is no corpse" (Daredevil #228)

118. “And I — I have shown him…that a man without hope is a man without fear.” (Daredevil #229)

119. Ben Urich says "Matt Murdock"(Daredevil #230)

120. Matt and Karen reunite(Daredevil #231)

121. Ben Urich is put to the test and Glorianna O’Breen realizes where her talents lie (Daredevil #232 )

122. Daredevil emerges from the flames in an iconic splash page(Daredevil #232 )

123. Frank Miller shows how the real world might view the Avengers (Daredevil #233 )

124. "I'm loyal to nothing, General--except the dream!"(Daredevil #233 )

125. Nuke is displayed on a table at the Daily Bugle(Daredevil #233 )

126. Matt and Karen walk arm in arm(Daredevil #233 )

127. Superman makes a stand for truth, justice and the American Way(Action Comics #775)

128. Uncle Ben teaches Peter a lesson about life using the New York Mets(Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #33)

129. Guy Gardner triumphs in a test of wills against Sinestro(Guy Gardner: Reborn #3)

130. The Crimson Cowl revealed!(Avengers (Vol. 1) #54)

131. Jesse and Jody fight to the death(Preacher #12)

132. Wolverine kills someone with his claws for the first time(Uncanny X-Men #116)

133. Wolverine will do anything to stop Rachel from becoming a murderer...even stabbing her himself(Uncanny X-Men #207)

134. Wolverine puts his true love out of her misery(Wolverine (Vol. 1) #57)

135. Wolverine gives Sabretooth the "third claw"(Wolverine (Vol. 1) #90)

136. The Killer of Demons kills his first demon(Killer of Demons #1)

137. Herr Starr realizes that the scarring on his head evokes an...unfortunate resemblance with a human body part(Preacher #27)

138. Wonder Woman adds a new member to her staff(Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #195)

139. A victorious Seven Soldiers realize that their victory is very much short-lived.(Seven Soldiers #0)

140. "You're martians, aren't you?"(JLA #3 )

141. Wally West gets a Christmas surprise(Flash (Vol. 2) #73)

142. Alfred describes the power of Batman(Batman #683)

143. Amanda Waller goes toe to toe with Batman(Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #10 )

144. Street Angel killed all the ninjas on the page in just the time it took you to turn the page (Street Angel #1)

145. Wally West sacrifices himself for his girlfriend, Linda Park(The Flash (Vol. 2) #99 )

146. Bart Allen tries to avenge Wally West's death with disastrous results(The Flash (Vol. 2) #99 )

147. Wally West makes a triumphant, if fleeting, return(The Flash (Vol. 2) #100 )

148. Wally West and Linda Park are reunited(The Flash (Vol. 2) #100 )

149. Wally West uses a "Flash fact" to beat a bad guy (JLA #3 )

150. Superman moves the freakin' moon!(JLA #7 )

151. Superman wrestles a freakin' angel! (JLA #7 )

152. Black Adam comes to get revenge on the creators of the creatures who destroyed his people (52 Week 46 )

153. An extermination event takes place on Genosha(New X-Men #115)

154. Spider-Man finds a way to stop the unstoppable Juggernaut (Amazing Spider-Man #230)

155. Black Adam underestimates the combined mental might of a group of the world's greatest mad scientists (52 Week 46 )

156. With the fate of Earth at stake, the Thing refuses to give up in a battle against the Champion(Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7)

157. Barry Allen's return takes a dark turn(The Flash (Vol. 2) #75)

158. Billy Beezer discovers the gruesome truth about Team Red(Klarion #3)

159. Spider-Man discovers that the Green Goblin has kidnapped his girlfriend(Amazing Spider-Man #121 )

160. The leader of the Secret Empire is revealed and he has shocking connections to the United States government (Captain America #175)

161. Adam Strange figures out a plan on the fly...literally(The Return of Adam Strange #1)

162. Justice League Europe discovers that they're in the same French class as the Injustice League...chaos ensues(Justice League Europe #6)

163. Gwen Stacy has a tragic fall from a bridge (Amazing Spider-Man #121 )

164. We first meet Static, Virgil Hawkins and Frieda Goren (Static #1 )

165. Static is beaten badly in front of Frieda(Static #1 )

166. Static redeems himself against his first super-powered foe(Static #2 )

167. The Green Goblin pays the ultimate price for murder(Amazing Spider-Man #122 )

168. Mary Jane Watson decides that Peter Parker is worth the trouble, with the first of two notable "Click"s (Amazing Spider-Man #122 )

169. Peter realizes that Mary Jane is the girl for him, with the second of two notable "Click"s(Amazing Spider-Man #149)

170. Tommy Monaghan and friends encounter an entire aquarium of zombie sea cratures (Hitman #13)

171. Hacken cuts his hand off after being bitten by a zombie penguin(Hitman #14 )

172. Zombie shark!!!!!!(Hitman #14 )

173. Just all-out war on the zombie animals (Hitman #14 )

174. Guy Gardner on Ice!(Justice League America #45 )

175. Guy returns home to find the giant-sized Guy costume in his bed(Justice League America #45 )

176. Ralph Dibney solves his birthday mystery(Justice League International Quarterly #6)

177. Ben Grimm makes a fateful decision on whether he will turn back into the Thing(Fantastic Four #79)

178. Thor and Beta Ray Bill fight for the right to wield Mjolnir(The Mighty Thor #338)

179. Odin gives Beta Ray Bill his own hammer(The Mighty Thor #339)

180. Blue Beetle races to find a cure before one of the Justice League goes insane(Justice League International Quarterly #9)

181. The truth of the return of Barry Allen is revealed!(The Flash (Vol. 2) #78)

182. Batman has a Sci-Fi Closet?!?! Of COURSE he does!(JLA: Classified #1)

183. Joker figures a way to get the last laugh on Batman(Batman: The Dark Knight #3)

184. Both sides of Peter Parker's personality are personified by the imagination of two ladies who want to date him(Spider-Man: Tangled Web #11)

185. Thanos has killed a dozen superheroes but Captain America still confidently steps right up to Thanos to face him down (Infinity Gauntlet #4)

186. Tommy Monaghan creates a disturbingly makeshift "Cat-Signal"(Hitman #15)

187. Tomorrow Woman proves her humanity(JLA #5)

188. A representative from the Galactic Republic lets a planet of robots know why they are not ready for inclusion in the Republic just yet(Weird Fantasy #18)

189. Sasha Bordeaux doubts whether she can trust that Bruce Wayne did NOT commit murder(Detective Comics #767)

190. "You've eaten Gotham's wealth. Its spirit. Your feast is nearly over.(Batman #405 )

191. Jason Blood makes a memorable re-introduction(Saga of the Swamp Thing #25)

192. Jean Grey sacrifices herself to kill Dark Phoenix(Uncanny X-Men #137)

193. Diesel is a "real Indian," dammit!(Scalped #8 )

194. Diesel is revealed to be connected to Dash in an unexpected way(Scalped #8 )

195. Dino Poor Bear is confident that he'll leave the rez some day(Scalped #10)

196. Dash has to tell a group of brothers and sisters that their mother is dead(Scalped #13)

197. Dash has the ability to drag Carol up from the mire...but will he choose instead to go right there with her?(Scalped #20)

198. Red Crow makes a fateful decision(Scalped #24 )

199. We get a wonderful glimpse into how Red Crow views his role in the reservation(Scalped #24 )

200. As he slowly recovers from injuries, Black Lightning tries to come to terms with the sacrifice a man he didn't even particularly like made for him(Black Lightning (Vol. 2) #5)

201. Brian Azzarello gives us a devastating twist on the wrestling scene from Amazing Fantasy #15(Spider-Man: Tangled Web #14)

202. Granny Goodness is not impressed. Amanda Waller is, though.(Suicide Squad #36 )

203. Doctor Light decides to become a hero...it does not work out the way he hoped.(Suicide Squad #36 )

204. The classic origin of the Fantastic Four(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #1)

205. Lex Luthor destroys the life of a waitress, just because he CAN(Superman (Vol. 2) #9 )

206. Miracleman must takes steps he never wanted to to end the threat of Kid Miracleman(Miracleman #15)

207. Miracleman has created a "utopia," so why isn't he happy?(Miracleman #16)

208. The debut of the Hobgoblin!(Amazing Spider-Man #238)

209. Galactapuss makes his debut!(Top Ten #9)

210. A seed of doubt creeps into the "omnipotent" Doctor Doom(Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12)

211. Earth 2 Lex Luthor lands on Earth(JLA Earth 2 OGN )

212. Batman meets the Thomas Wayne of Earth 2(JLA Earth 2 OGN )

213. Owlman discovers that they are screwed on Earth 1(JLA Earth 2 OGN )

214. Ultraman shows that he's back in charge(JLA Earth 2 OGN )

215. Lex Luthor cannot believe that Superman is Clark Kent(Superman (Vol. 2) #2)

216. Iron Man and Doctor Doom put aside their differences and build a time machine together(Iron Man #150)

217. John Constantine figuratively and literally gives the devil the middle finger(Hellblazer #45)

218. Where's Luke Cage's $200, Doctor Doom, you cheap S.O.B.? (Hero for Hire #9)

219. Snake Eyes' famous silent mission(G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #21)

220. Reed and Sue get married(Fantastic Four Annual (Vol. 1) #3)

221. Connor Hawke is forced to go to his father's bag of trick arrows(JLA #9)

222. Sasha Bordeaux figures out Bruce Wayne is Batman (Detective Comics #755)

223. The origin of the "Cool Story, Bro" panel(Incredible Hercules #122)

224. The first time that Etrigan the Demon rose(The Demon (Vol. 1) #1)

225. The Avengers defeat on Ultron but soon realize that they are surrounded by hundreds of them(Avengers (Vol. 3) #21)

226. The Avengers take on a horde of Ultrons and refuse to fold(Avengers (Vol. 3) #22 )

227. "Ultron. We would have words with thee." (Avengers (Vol. 3) #22 )

228. The Thunderbolts are revealed to be the Masters of Evil(Thunderbolts #1)

229. "He stood alone at Gjallerbru...and that answer is enough."(The Mighty Thor #362)

230. The origin of Doctor Doom(Fantastic Four Annual (Vol. 1) #2)

231. Deadshot makes a leap of faith, of sorts(Suicide Squad #54)

232. Daredevil courageously battles against overwhelming odds against Namor(Daredevil (Vol. 1) #7)

233. Forbush Man takes advantage of the minds of Nextwave. Luckily, one of them does not really HAVE much of a mind. (Nextwave #10)

234. Bruce Banner and the Hulk merge into one being with the Hulk's power and Banner's intellect(Incredible Hulk #377)

235. A member of Alpha Flight is shockingly killed(Alpha Flight (Vol. 1) #12)

236. Black Widow has a rough holiday(Amazing Adventures (Vol. 1) #5)

237. Batman tricks a bad guy into revealing himself(Batman #478)

238. Doctor Doom underestimates the Thing's strength of will(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #40)

239. Elsa Bloodstone has a message about the E on her chest. (Nextwave #9)

240. Black Widow and Hawkeye pull off a tremendous escape.(Ultimates #8)

241. A tragic killing spurs Magneto into action. (God Loves, Man Kills OGN )

242. Reverand Stryker's plans hit a detour(God Loves, Man Kills OGN )

243. The origin of Darwyn Cooke as an artist. (Solo #5)

244. Supergirl sacrifices herself to save Superman. (Crisis on Infinite Earths #7)

245. Flash sacrifices himself to save all of reality. (Crisis on Infinite Earths #8)

246. The Justice League and the Avengers are haunted by the things that might be and they are still willing to fight for them to occur.(JLA/Avengers #3)

247. Batman is haunted by the murder of an innocent father as he sees himself as the man's child. (Detective Comics #439)

248. The introduction of the Manhunter. (Detective Comics #437)

249. "Fin Fang Foom put you in his pants."(Nextwave #2)

250. The "explosive" farewell to a major Suicide Squad character(Suicide Squad #26)

251. Harvey Bullock is forced to turn to Batman for help. (Detective Comics #651)

252. Doctor Strange is in a battle that threatens Eternity itself. (Strange Tales #146)

253. The introduction of Batman. (Detective Comics #27)

254. Wonder Woman takes drastic measures to defeat Medusa. (Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #210)

255. A strange Superman/Joker encounter. (Superman (Vol. 2) #9 )

256. The classic first meeting of the Silver Surfer and Thor. (Silver Surfer (Vol. 1) #4)

257. The epic first battle between Hercules and Thor. (The Mighty Thor #126)

258. An occult investigator is forced to make a sad decision in a case involving werewolves.(Strange Cases #2)

259. The introduction of the star of Rick Remender's Fear Agent. (Fear Agent #1)

260. The dramatic reveal that changed Invincible's world forever!(Invincible #7)

261. The epic battle around the world between Invincible and the man he never thought he would have to fight. (Invincible #12)

262. Ginger Brown meets her new partner. (Proof #1)

263. The Pirates and the Cherries CLASH!(Pirates of Coney Island #4 )

264. A tender offshoot of the Pirates/Cherries CLASH!(Pirates of Coney Island #4 )

265. Our introduction to Johnny Hiro. (Johnny Hiro #1)

266. Chalky White's journey to this point in his life. (Acme Novelty Library #17)

267. Enid and Rebecca discover that there are often very real consequences to pranks and that sometimes ironic detachment is not all that it is cracked up to be. (Ghost World )

268. Johnny thought stealing a lobster would be simple enough. He was wrong.(Johnny Hiro #2)

269. Casanova Quinn ends up in a new dimension where things are similar to his world, so he is especially prepared for everything that happens. (Casanova #1)

270. Silhouette sex!!(Lost Girls )

271. Casanova discovers that the island of "savages" he is sent on a mission are a good deal more advanced than he expected.(Casanova #5)

272. Casanova has a chance to redeem himself. Will he take it? (Casanova #7)

273. "When is Casanova Quinn?" (Casanova #8)

274. Megan realizes who she really needs. (Local #8)

275. Detective Fell literally rises above the shit. (Fell #6)

276. Detective Fell won't let a situation deteriorate, even if it means taking extreme measures. (Fell #5)

277. Kim Pine lies to Scott Pilgrim to inspire him. (Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe)

278. Sophie Bangs writes Promethea into existence. (Promethea #1 )

279. "Time...and the raidant, heavenly city." (Promethea #1 )

280. Imagine the Big Bad Wolf...but stripped of all irony. Scary stuff, right? You better believe it! (Promethea #3)

281. A depressed John Constantine learns the secret of a dead man. (Hellblazer #71 )

282. A peculiar battle within a church. (The Human Target (Vol. 2) #1 )

283. Christopher Chance discovers the mystery man out to kill him is...himself?!?(The Human Target (Vol. 2) #1 )

284. What do cats dream of? (Sandman (Vol. 2) #18)

285. Swamp Thing and Abby have sex. (Saga of the Swamp Thing #34)

286. Dan Dare makes a stand to save some colonizers. (Dan Dare #3 )

287. A small group of soldiers face overwhelming odds. (Dan Dare #3 )

288. Batman calls a horde of bats to save him. (Batman #406)

289. James Gordon learns what it takes to be a cop in Gotham City.(Batman #404 )

290. A bat crashes through Bruce Wayne's window, oddly inspires him.(Batman #404 )

291. Batman falls for a police trap. (Batman #405 )

292. Batman saves Gordon's son.(Batman #407)

293. The Green Goblin's secret identity is revealed!(Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #39)

294. We see what happens to Kingpin's lieutenants when Spider-Man foils one of Kingpin's plans. (Tangled Web #4)

295. Ant-Man shrinks down and goes on a fantastic voyage inside of the Vision. (Avengers #93 )

296. Ant-Man's actual fantastic voyage inside of the Vision. (Avengers #93 )

297. The reveal of the bad guy in The Great Darkness Saga. (Legion of Super-Heroes #293)

298. The bad guy is defeated in the Great Darkness Saga. (Legion of Super-Heroes #294)

299. A bad guy manipulates the Legion so that they can find a way to kill him, as he appears to be immortal. (Legion of Super-Heroes (5 Years Later) #24)

300. art spiegelman deals with the guilt (and many other feelings) that comes with the success of the first Maus book. (Maus: Book Two)

301. The Losers fight a dinosaur.(New Frontier #1 )

302. Hal Jordan's lofty ideals are tested by the realities of war. (New Frontier #1 )

303. The Martian Manhunter uses television to adapt to life on Earth. (New Frontier #2 )

304. Abby discovers that her evil uncle has possessed the body of her formerly comatose husband. (Saga of the Swamp Thing #29)

305. Ted "Wildcat" Grant has one last hurrah in him. (New Frontier #3 )

306. The sad tale of John Henry Irons. (New Frontier #3 )

307. The Suicide Squad live up to their name. (New Frontier #4)

308. Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris have a "moment."(New Frontier #5 )

309. The explosive introduction of V. (V for Vendetta #1)

310. Oops, I guess Superman WON'T be saving this day. (New Frontier #5 )

311. The collected heroes do the "slow walk."(New Frontier #6 )

312. The Martian Manhunter becomes a superhero. (New Frontier #6 )

313. See how the Flash can run. (New Frontier #6 )

314. Frank Castle's first standout moment in Vietnam. (Punisher: Born #2)

315. Nick Fury reads a book about Castle's days in Vietnam. (Punisher MAX #60)

316. The Justice League officially forms. (New Frontier #6 )

317. Jubilee and Professor Xavier spend some time together. (Uncanny X-Men #297)

318. "That's the thing about Batman...Batman prepares for everything"(Batman #681)

319. When given the chance to get revenge, dolphins choose a different path. (Animal Man #15)

320. Animal Man's fellow superheroes don't see things quite the same way he does. (Animal Man #16)

321. A dimensional fluctuation has Planetary encounter different variations of Batman, all amaizngly drawn by John Cassaday. (Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth )

322. We meet the ultimate Batman. (Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth )

323. Peter David's ultimate description of why Quicksilver is such a jerk. (X-Factor #87)

324. Superman pays tribute to a fallen friend. (JLA/Hitman #2)

325. In a world run by an evil version of the Planetary, can the Justice League even form, let alone survive?(Planetary/JLA: Terra Obscura )

326. The largest meeting of Avengers ever (at the time) (Avengers #100)

327. Giant Man gives Phil Sheldon a classic photo. (Marvels #2)

328. Showdown between Wonder Woman and Jakita Wagner(Planetary/JLA: Terra Obscura )

329. A clever introduction to the main characters of Ultra. (Ultra #1)

330. Batman and Mister Terrific debate whether a superhero get together can be uninterrupted.(JSA #54)

331. Robin tries to save the life of a kid who tried to kill him. (Robin #46)

332. Blue Jay and Power Girl's cat have some misadventures. (Justice League Quarterly #4)

333. Origin of Daredevil. (Daredevil (Vol. 1) #1)

334. Daredevil gets a little help from his friends. (Daredevil (Vol. 2) #60)

335. The shocking introduction of Ed Brubaker's Captain America run. (Captain America (Vol. 5) #1)

336. A superhero reaction to a Vertigo funeral. (Planetary #7)

337. Bucky is revealed to secretly be a commando.(Captain America (Vol. 5) #5)

338. Avengers and Defenders team-up. (Avengers #118)

339. Origin of the Hulk. (Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #1)

340. Ares takes advantage of his Avengers teammate.(Incredible Hercules #114 )

341. Hercules hallucinates. (Incredible Hercules #114 )

342. Now that he's lifted the machinery, Spidey still has some fighting to do!(Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #33 )

343. A sample of Peter Bagge's humor. (Neat Stuff #1)

344. We hear 1 talk for the first time. (We3 #1 )

345. We3 escapes. (We3 #1 )

346. "Home Is. Run. No. More." (We3 #2)

347. "Doc-Tor Rose-Anne. No 'Dee-Comm-Ish' We3" (We3 #3 )

348. 2 CAN be a team player. (We3 #3 )

349. The Bradleys salute all their own icons. (Neat Stuff #6)

350. Jason Todd gives Mongul exactly what he desires.(Superman Annual #11 )

351. Marv goes through the cops of Sin City.(Dark Horse Presents #51)

352. John Constantine is compelled to keep living by, of all people, a dead man. (Hellblazer #71 )

353. The return of the Fourth Man. (Planetary #12)

354. An Astro City resident shows the human element of retcons. (Kurt Busiek's Astro City #1/2)

355. Storm earns control of the Morlocks. (Uncanny X-Men #170)

356. Deadpool plays a game of Rochambeau for the fate of the world.(Deadpool (Vol. 1) #25)

357. Princess Projectra avenges her murdered husband. (Legion of Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #5)

358. A parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas that got the attention of the Attorney General of Massachusetts (Panic #1)

359. Spider-Man and Human Torch have a holiday moment with the Sandman. (Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 1) #1)

360. The finale of Y the Last Man. (Y the Last Man #60 )

361. The finale of Cerebus. (Cerebus #300)

362. The finale of Transmetropolitan. (Transmetropolitan #60)

363. The finale of Hitman. (Hitman #60)

364. The finale of Preacher. (Preacher #66)

365. Spider-Man No More! (Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #50)

366. Hawkeye Shows Off His Trick Arrows (Hawkeye (Vol. 4 #3)

367. A Rebel Secretly Has a Cause (American Vampire #22)

368. Warbird Gets the Spotlight (Wolverine and the X-Men #13)

369. The Mystery of Mr. Gorsky Solved! (Tales Designed to Thrizzle #8)

370. The Driving Force of Thief of Thieves (Thief of Thieves #1)

371. The Blind Literally Leading the Blind (Daredevil Vol. 3 #7)

372. Batman's Nemesis, Leviathan, Revealed! (Batman: Leviathan Strikes #1)

373. The Utopian's Island Revealed (Jupiter's Legacy #1)

374. Daredevil's Nemesis Reveals a Twist (Daredevil Vol. 3 #25)

375. Superman Doing the Impossible (Action Comics Vol. 2 #18)

376. The Fall and Rise of Rikard the Brave (Helheim #1)

377. The Origin of Gorr the God Butcher (Thor: God of Thunder #6)

378. How to Create a Stronger Monster (Jennifer Blood #24)

379. The Sacrifice of Robin (Batman Incorporated #8)

380. Superman Takes On Batman's Pain (Action Comics #770)

381. If There Was No Superman, They'd Have to Create Him (Action Comics #554)

382. The Woman Who Would Be Superman's Wife (Superman Vol. 1 #129)

383. "Life According to Darkseid" (Superman Adventures #41)

384. Superman returns from exile (Kingdom Come #1)

385. Superman Makes an Impressive Debut (Superman: Birthright $4)

386. Superman Saves the World...For the Last Time? (All-Star Superman #12)

387. Wolverine Somehow Survives the Citadel of Light and Shadow (X-Men Annual #11)

388. Wolverine Pulls a “Dirty Harry” on a Hellfire Club Guard (X-Men #133)

389. Wolverine Asks a Lot of Katie Power (Uncanny X-Men #205)

390. Wolverine and Nightcrawler Share a Drink (Wolverine Vol. 2 #6)

391. Wolverine Asks the Question, "Who IS Wolverne?" (Wolverine Vol. 3 #16)

392. How Does Wolverine Celebrate His Birthday? (Wolverine Vol. 1 #10)

393. Wolverine Faces the Hand for the First Time (Wolverine Limited Series #2)

394. Captain America and Baron Zemo Face Off After the Siege on Avengers Mansion is Over (Avengers #277)

395. Cannonball Makes Gladiator Doubt Himself, Just a Bit (Uncanny X-Men #341)

396. Red Guardian Redeems Himself (Avengers #44)

397. "Harpoon, Make Peace With Your Gods, Little Man..." (Uncanny X-Men #211)

398. Captain America Gains Vengeance from Baron Zemo (Avengers Vol. 1 #15)

399. The Return of Colossus (Astonishing X-Men #4)

400. Captain America Makes His Silver Age Debut (Avengers #4)

401. Cyclops Pushes the X-Men in a Unique Fashion (X-Men #127)

402. The Redemption of Hank Pm (Avengers #229)

403. Magneto Begins His Long Road to Redemption (Uncanny X-Men #150)

404. The Vision Closes Out a Brutal Battle With an Interesting Usage of His Powers (Avengers #166)

405. All-New, All-Different X-Men in Freefall (X-Men #95

405. The Avengers Cut a "Deal" With J. Jonah Jameson (New Avengers #15)

406. Psylocke's First Run-In with Sabretooth (Uncanny X-Men #213)

407. Captain America Makes a Promise (Avengers Volume 3 #65)

408. Rogue's Special Coin Trick (Uncanny X-Men #182)

409. So That's Why They're the Big Three (Avengers #216)

410. The Third Time's the Charm for the X-Men Against Magneto (X-Men #113)

411. The Avengers' Version of the "Care Bear Stare" (Avengers #187)

412. Namor Sends Norman Osborn a Message (Dark Reign: The List - X-Men #1)

413. Debut of the Hellcat (Avengers #144)

414. Psylocke Breaks Up the X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #251)

415. Captain America Takes Issue with the Red Skull's Salute (Avengers Volume 3 #69

416. The Long-Awaited Return of the Fastball Special! (Astonishing X-Men #6)

417. Hercules Gives Namor a "Gift" (Avengers #262)

418. Rogue Goes Boom! (Uncanny X-Men #247)

419. Black Panther Makes Good on a Promise (Avengers Volume 3 #70)

420. Nightcrawler Believes! (Uncanny X-Men #159)

421. The Old Order Changeth! (Avengers Volume 1 #16)

422. Magneto Tears Apoclaypse a New One (X-Men Omega)

423. Wolverine Proves He Is Worthy to Lord Shingen (Wolverine mini #4)

424. Peter Parker PRoves Who is Truly the Superior Spider-Man (Superior Spider-man #30)

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