Cookies and Comics at ROCKETSHIP!!

Official Press Release

Sunday, November 12th, 4-6 pm! Join RAINA TELGEMEIER and ABBY DENSON for Comics and Cookies! Bring the Kids!

Raina will be signing the latest installment of the BABY-SITTER'S CLUB graphic novel series, THE TRUTH ABOUT STACEY, and Abby will be signing her graphic novel TOUGH LOVE, as well as some SIMPSONS COMICS, PUFFY AMI YUMI, and POWERPUFF GIRLS!!

Can anyone think of a better Sunday afternoon activity than getting comics, meeting cartoonists, and eating cookies? I can't. Seriously. I really can't. It's going to be aweosme!

As always, you can check www.rocketshipstore.blogspot.com for details, future events, and a fancy flyer!

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