Cooke, Stewart, Chiang + more provide art for charity auction

Artist Cliff Chiang posts about a charity auction he and several other artists have started for a friend in need:

There’s a series of eBay auctions beginning this week that I’d like to draw some attention to. I’ve joined a group of comic creators trying to raise funds for a friend’s hospital costs, and anything we collect beyond that will be donated to the HERO Initiative, a non-profit charity that offers assistance to comic creators in need. The auctions are under the seller name artfriends2009. There will be some fantastic items from a stellar list of artists, including Adam Hughes, Amanda Conner, Nic Klein, Essad Ribic, Cameron Stewart and Darwyn Cooke.

You can check out all the auctions here. Currently up for bid are a Darwyn Cooke Batman illustration (pictured), a Catwoman illo by Cameron Stewart and an Adam Hughes sketch of your choice, to be done at MegaCon later this month.

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