Coogan & Brydon Tackle Who Was Least Understandable in 'Dark Knight Rises'

Tom Hardy's "mumbly voice" in The Dark Knight Rises, was the source of  hand-wringing before the film's release, with director Christopher Nolan vowing to make only slight sound adjustments to address "the Bane problem." In the end, the voice was more or less OK, if bizarre and unexplained.

Still, a year and a half after the film's release, people are still talking about it. Well, at least Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are in this clip from The Trip to Italy, the upcoming sequel to the acclaimed 2010 British sitcom.

What begins as dueling Michael Caine impressions segues into a critique of Christian Bale's famed Batman voice before settling on Hardy.

"They're, like, competing to see who's the most -- the least understandable," says Coogan who does a pretty good Bane.

The Trip to Italy follows Coogan and Brydon -- or at least fictionalized versions of the two -- as they travel through the country, wining, dining and joking.

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