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Convergence: Wonder Woman #2

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Convergence: Wonder Woman #2

After a compelling first issue that explored what it would be like for characters in the DC Universe to be trapped under the Convergence dome for a year, “Convergence: Wonder Woman” #2 is a bit of a disappointment. It would be easy to blame the artistic switch from Joshua Middleton to Aaron Lopresti and Matt Banning, but the reality is that the problem comes down to this being a long and uninspired fight sequence.

All of “Convergence: Wonder Woman” #2 is the fight between Wonder Woman and the “Red Rain” vampires. Those looking for something a little deeper — further exploration of the cults that have sprung up throughout the city, or perhaps even the general yearning to see everything they’ve been missing from the rest of the world — will be sorely disappointed. Instead, it’s a combination of speeches and a whole lot of taunting, as Wonder Woman fights off vampire versions of the Joker, Catwoman and Poison Ivy while the supporting cast gets massacred. That’s it. After laying a lot of interesting groundwork in the first issue, Larry Hama’s script just falls flat. There’s nothing that particularly stands out, which is rather apt when you consider that Wonder Woman saves Steve Trevor, then has to track him down to try and save him a second time because she doesn’t even notice that he’s been kidnapped right under her nose.

Lopresti and Banning do a perfectly serviceable job on the art, and I feel bad that they have to follow Middleton. Judged entirely on its own, Lopresti reminds us that he’s drawn his fair share of Wonder Woman in the past and gives her a certain regal grace as she makes her way through the comic. The characters all move well, and leaping and punching come across with a certain level of energy. Add in some colors from Tanya and Richard Horie, and you end up with a book that looks like your typical superhero comic; not a bad thing, but it doesn’t quite match the first half of this miniseries.

“Convergence: Wonder Woman” #2 is a big letdown. The story doesn’t go anywhere — unless you’ve been dying to see Wonder Woman’s supporting cast get killed by vampires — and all of the world building from the first half of the miniseries is completely missing. In the end, this is a comic from “Convergence” that will most likely be forgotten in a matter of months. There’s nothing that stands out here, unfortunately.