Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1

Story by
Art by
Ande Parks, Steve Ellis
Colors by
Letters by
Dave Sharpe
Cover by
DC Comics

"Convergence: Green Lantern Corps" #1 is an odd hook for a comic when you look back at where "Green Lantern" was during the time of "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Guy Gardner had just been released from his brain-damaged coma by a set of renegade Guardians, while Hal Jordan and John Stewart were Earth's two Green Lanterns. It's with that setup in mind that we see these three Lanterns in Gotham City -- and, in the case of poor Guy Gardner, where things are not going so well.

In "Convergence: Green Lantern Corps" #1, David Gallaher gives us a character who's still slightly unhinged from all of his experiences. He's never managed to get the help needed thanks to the dome, so he is unsure and feeling useless and there's a lot of residual anger lingering towards Hal Jordan. The end result is a book that focuses much less on the battles to be fought and more about how being trapped in the dome could further damage someone who's already mentally fragile. It's an interesting take, one that brings us from schoolyard games and a psychiatrist's office to a search to find the other two Green Lanterns also trapped inside the dome.

There's a scene around the two-thirds mark where Guy, in a fit of rage, tries to destroy Hal's experiment to use the dome's energy to contact Oa. At first, it's the sort of moment where you wonder how we're supposed to cheer on someone who's wrecking a chance to escape. At the same time, Gallaher's moment for Guy rings true. This is a person who's still having panic attacks and is unable to let go of all of the anger over the series of awful events that happened to him. It's not a moment that the reader should cheer, but it is one that makes perfect sense when you stop and look at everything that leads up to it. It's a good moment for Gallaher as a writer, and one that shows that he's someone who puts the time and thought to figure out what his characters would do rather than what would be most expedient for the plot.

Steve Ellis and Ande Parks' art in "Convergence: Green Lantern Corps" #1 is good. I love the grimace on Guy's face as he trashes Hal's device, for example; it ties up all of the hatred with the sudden joy that he's experiencing at destroying part of Hal's world. Every panel flows well into the next here and, from a conversation to an action sequence, the duo make it look good. No complaints here.

"Convergence: Green Lantern Corps" #1 is honestly not a group of characters that I'd have editorially chosen to include for this particular era of DC Comics history. Here's the thing, though: Gallaher, Ellis and Parks take the setup and turn it into something with an interesting core to build a story around. It's not going to blow you away (sadly, few of the "Convergence" tie-ins are managing that) but it's the sort of comic that you'll come back to see the conclusion for next month. Most importantly, though, is that this creative team has made Guy's hatred of Hal seem perfectly understandable rather than the anger of a hot-headed character. If this team ended up working on a book starring Guy Gardner down the line, I'd definitely check it out. Free of the "Convergence" trappings, it would be something to watch out for.

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