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Convention Panels of #SDCCs Past

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Convention Panels of #SDCCs Past


For many years, I’d parse the panels listings for the big show in San Diego and present a break down of the panels I’d attend if I were there. For many of those years, I was heading west and they were the panels I planned on attending.


If you need to buy yourself some time, leave when they throw the panel open to questions from the audience. That’s just where things get awkward.

There are some solutions to this problem. The easiest is probably to just announce a hashtag to tweet questions at from the very beginning of the panel and then answer from there at the end. Or you could pass out index cards and have everyone write down their questions and let the moderator choose some, but I don’t know that they print out enough index cards in the world to handle the CCI setting.

I’m still on the hunt for a convention that introduces the concept of more structured presentations, like what we see in the tech world. Think of it more as TED for comics, but without some of the more sanctimonious bits of world-changing breathlessness. Maybe we need to do the Lightning Talks format first. A series if short 5 – 10 minute talks along the same thing, each backed with a slide show, hosted by a speaker who’s prepared a point.

It’s not a format that’s built into the comics community’s genetics yet, the way it is in other communities. Maybe someday…


  • A few weeks back, I showed you a page of original WildStorm original art. The collector didn’t know which comic it came from, so I crowd-sourced it for him to all of you fine folk. I think the best answer I’ve seen — and the one I’m endorsing because it makes the most sense — came from Chris Munn, who pointed to “Team One: WildC.A.T.s” That two issue mini-series came out in 1995, was written by James Robinson, and featured the art of Rich Johnson and Mark Farmer. Johnson was out of comics all together a couple of years later, but this page of art survives on.
  • Cinebook recently announced their 52nd “Lucky Luke” album, titled “Nitroglycerin.” On the plus side, it has a train theme. On the other side, it’s the Dalton Brothers again. I don’t need nearly as much of them as the series provides. They provide some nice comic relief, but my favorite albums of the series are ones that are more historical and less Dalton-esque.
  • Here’s an interesting survey of what tools comics professionals couldn’t live without. It’s not exactly surprising to see how often Manga Studio made the list, but still fascinating. The digital production of comics is one of the most overlooked stories of comics making in the last decade. We all thought computer lettering would kill the original art market almost twenty years ago; nope, turns out the Wacom Cintiq and Manga Studio are doing that, instead. There’s just less art on paper these days, for very good reasons.
  • Oh, yes, I ordered the “Don Rosa’s The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, Vol. 1: Artist’s Edition” book last week. I even put a copy of the “Bone” Artist’s Edition on that order, too. I can’t remember the last time I was waiting for a package at my front door so eagerly…
  • Be sure to check out this LEGO recreation of the Money Bin while you’re at it, too.
  • CNBC did a story on the announced casting of the new movie Spider-Man. I mention it here because I’m quoted in the piece.
  • One quick tease: “Chew” #50 is as good a fiftieth issue as I’ve ever read. Can’t believe there’s only ten issues left!
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