Remember that hugely divisive scene where the S.T.A.R. Labs team look at the footage of the particle accelerator explosion and find the energy ghost (or whatever it was) of Ronnie Raymond combining with Martin Stein? Yeah that might have been one of the weakest looking scenes in superhero television history -- it was

just basically just Robbie Amell's somber face on a cloud of particle energy.

This may have been a contentious way to introduce Firestorm into the Arrowverse, but there was plenty to take issue with before it. The combined scientists were found living under a bridge, eating trash and stalking Caitlin and Mrs. Stein. Every appearance of the hobo Ronnie was just plain cringeworthy, as was his transition into a superhero and Ronnie's eventual death. It was a strange choice to include Firestorm in The Flash in the first place, and his introduction was handled terribly.


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