Controversial comic creator Micah Ian Wright plots his return to comics

Comics are truly a medium to tell countless stories, but as any longtime fan can tell you sometimes the most controversial stories are about the comic creators themselves.

In 2004, DC/Wildstorm's Stormwatch: Team Achilles writer Micah Ian Wright was revealed to have lied about serving in the military. Although that might seem unconnected to any comics work, his military service was a key part in the promotion of his work both in comics and with his successful art books collecting remixed versions of military propaganda posters. At first denying it, Wright admitted the truth and withdrew from comics. For its part, DC cancelled Wright's Stormwatch: Team Achilles one issue prior to its original ending and cancelled a planned Vigilante series he was going to write.

The controversy brought up the question of judging the creator of the work and the work itself, and if the actions of an author could change the standalone measure of the works he or she creates. Some comics readers chose to dismiss Wright and his work entirely, while others had a conflicted mind about their appreciation for his work even in light of the controversy surrounding him. But now, after over six years on the sidelines, Wright is returning to comics.

Announced via his Facebook page, Wright is working with his longtime writing partner Jay Lender a graphic novel titled Duster. Set in the waning days of World War II, it follows an errant band of Nazi war criminals who crash land near a small Texas farm where a war widow and her teenage daughter live. Illustrated by Diego "Jok" Coglitore and Cristian Mallea, Duster is set to be released in December 2013, but no publisher has been announced.

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