Contest time!

You know, it's been a while since I gave away comics, so that means it's time for another contest.  But no panels this time!  No, something far more evil lurks below the fold ...

This time I'm asking questions about certain comics and characters.  Instead of identifying panels, you'll have to answer questions about comics.  I think it's a lot harder than the identification of panels, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, before we get to the questions, let's look at the loot!

I have a bunch of different kinds of things, some pretty mainstream, and some far more independent.  First, I have the two trades of Captain America making up the "Winter Soldier" story arc.  This includes Captain America #1-7 and #8-9, 11-14, written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Steve Epting (for the most part).  It's a pretty darned good story.  Brubaker turns it into more of an espionage story, which I think is the right way to go.  I also have the hardcover edition of Elephantmen: Wounded Animals, which just came out this past week.  I mentioned that Richard Starkings gave it to me in San Diego last week, which was very nice of him, but as I already own the issues it collects (#1-7 of the monthly series), I figured I'd give it to someone who hasn't yet experienced it.  I'd point to my reviews, but I've been reviewing each individual issue.  Suffice it to say that it's a very good series.  Next up is Mouse Guard.  I have the six individual issues, some of which were sent to me by the fine folk at Archaia even though I bought them already.  Yes, I have a copy of issue #1, which is hard to find, but you might be disappointed to know it's the fourth printing.  These books are to read, not auction off!  This is a gorgeous comic book that is good for both adults and kids, and if you missed it the first time, you can get it here - just in time for the sequel!  I reviewed it here, in case you're interested.  Moving on, I have a couple of graphic novels Larry Young was cool enough to send to me even though I already had them.  First Moon is a werewolf story, and although I'm a bit ambivalent about it, I admit it's pretty entertaining.  The Last Sane Cowboy and Other Stories is extremely surreal, but it's also quite touching. Read my review here!

So those are the prizes.  I'm going to give prizes to the top two finishers (unless there's a tie for second, in which case I'll think of something).  The winner will get his or her choice of four prizes.  The second-place finisher will get the two prizes that are left.  And no, the two Captain America trades are not a set.  If you win and you only want one, be my guest.

So that's what you can win.  Now for the questions.  There are 200 points to be had, and each question has a different point value.  Let's face it, some of these are relatively easy because they are about pretty well-known comics, while some are so obscure I feel almost guilty asking them.  But that's part of the fun!  I have no idea how many of these answers you can find on-line, but I tried to word them so it would be difficult to search for them.  Obviously, you can try - use any means necessary to answer the questions, I always say.  You have a few days to answer, so if you want to ask around or dig through back issues, you'll have time.  I'm hoping to make you work!  Here are the questions, with point values attached.  Obviously, what I may think is worth 10 points you might know immediately, but I think those are the hardest.  And, you know, vice versa.  But I think the point values are pretty accurate.   

1. What did the Joker once attempt to patent? (3 points)

2. How are Christine Spar and Hunter Rose connected? (4 points)

3. In what DC comic did Jennifer Mays and Gabriel Webb appear? (10 points)

4. At least how old is John Constantine, and how do we know that? (5 points)

5. Speaking of John, in what comic is his first "official" appearance?  And what is his first "unofficial" appearance? (3 points; 4 points)

6. To whom did Tommy Czuchra lose his virginity? (9 points)

7. What name did Warren White go by after just a brief stint in Arkham Asylum? (4 points)

8. Whose men killed Ned Leeds? (3 points)

9. How did Sue Storm get Ben Grimm to fly Reed's rocket? (2 points)

10. Who killed Maggie Jordan? (9 points)

11. In what comic book in the "real" (meaning "American") Marvel Universe did Sir Jim Jaspers first appear? (5 points)

12. What's the oldest Portuguese leper trick in the book? (5 points)

13. According to John Byrne's "special price guide," how much is Amazing Spider-Man #1 worth? (7 points)

14. On what continent did Rita Farr have her life-altering accident? (3 points)

15. What do the Northern and Southern Hemispheres spell out in Centravian? (10 points)

16. Where did Daredevil take Nuke when he died? (2 points)

17. What's William Gravel's job? (7 points)

18. Where did Mary Jane Watson go when Peter Parker asked her to marry him the second time? (4 points)

19. What Genesis song is based on a famous comic strip by Winsor McCay? (9 points)

20. What brother of a superhero did Doctor Crocodile capture and torture? (6 points)

21. What is the actual name of the protector of the "black and lightless void known as the Obsidian Deeps"? (4 points)

22. In what town in what state did the Shadowpact spend a year, trapped? (3 points)

23. What's Kylun's mutant power? (4 points)

24. How did John Cumberland die? (5 points)

25. In which region is Vanity located? (4 points)

26. What was Beta Ray Bill's ship called? (3 points)

27. What was the name of the person (later revealed to be a Skrull) who led the charge to banish superheroes in general, and the Avengers in particular? (3 points)

28. What's Chris Grahame's medical problem? (10 points)

29. Who wrote River Run, a collection of short stories set in alternate universes along the Mississippi River? (5 points)*

30. How did Lou Martin get his superpowers? (5 points)

31. Who tried to write The Unauthorized Biography of Lex Luthor? (6 points)

32. What does the purple Infinity Gem give its user power over? (6 points) 

33. In which comic book did Kyle Rayner first appear? (4 points)

34. What did Namor call his ecologically-minded company? (4 points)

35. What mysterious and ancient thing allows Joshua Jones to manipulate gravity? (8 points)

36. Name the superpowered members of the original Jihad. (1 point each, 6 points total)

37. Who was the first person to call Wolverine "Logan"? (6 points)**

* You can give me the first name only, mainly because the character doesn't have a last name.  Stupid lack of surnames! 

** This does not mean chronologically within the Marvel Universe, you understand.  Flashbacks to World War II or earlier don't count if they were published years later.  I mean in terms of the first time we found out his name.

Phew!  Get cracking, people!  One thing: if the answer is an issue of a comic book, I want the name of the book and the issue number.  Don't worry about which "volume" it is.

Once you have found all the answers you can, send me an e-mail.  I will add up your points, and voila! we'll have a winner.  I figure I'll give you all week to do this, because it might take a while.  So let's say you have until midnight on Saturday, 11 August.  That's midnight Pacific Daylight Time, which for all intents and purposes is Arizona time (we're on Mountain Standard Time, because we're too cool to switch to Daylight Savings).  That should be enough time, right?

Have fun, everyone!

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