Marvel's Contest of Champions Brings In the Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer in Contest of Champions

As part of its four-year anniversary, Marvel's Contest of Champions has released a trailer announcing the addition of the Silver Surfer while teasing the imminent arrival of something greater.

Seen wandering the cosmos riding the waves from the Big Bang, the Surfer witnesses the death of a Celestial whose remains transform into the crystal structures and currency throughout the popular mobile fighting game. As omnipotent beings including the Collector compete with multiversal incarnations of the iconic Marvel superheroes, the Surfer finds hope that signs of rebellion and resistance are rising in the face of the brutal competition.

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As the Surfer resumes his flight into the far reaches of outer space, he vows to make good on a promise to reunite several old friends forming the familiar logo of the Fantastic Four among the stars.

Since its debut in 2014, the Silver Surfer and Fantastic Four have been noticeably absent from Contest of Champions, presumably due to the licensing issues of the characters with Fox. With the majority of the studio's assets being acquired by Disney, this sets the stage for a wider integration of the characters back into the Marvel Universe including video games.

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Marvel's Contest of Champions is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOs and Android devices.

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