Constantine, Zatanna Join Cast of Bryan Q. Miller's "Smallville"

Though the long-running television series saw its finale air years ago, DC Comics' "Smallville" continues to tell new stories about young Clark Kent in his early days as Superman. Now, after introducing a number of characters from the DCU to the digital-first title's cast, the digital-first title heads back to its roots as Zatanna, introduced to CW viewers in Season 8, returns to Clark's world, and she's bringing John Constantine along with her.

"[Constantine] and Zee butt heads over how to deal with her father's final cursed object," writer Bryan Q. Miller told TV Guide. "It was stolen from Constantine and he wants it back... so he can sell it to the highest bidder."Check back with CBR for more on the "Smallville" debut of Constantine, Zatanna's return and Clark's reactions to both!

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