Constantine Producer Reveals What Was Planned For Canceled NBC Series

Late last month, Mark Verheiden -- former producer for the NBC series Constantine and showrunner for DC Universe's upcoming Swamp Thing series -- sat down with Discussing Film for an episode of The Mutuals Podcast.

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In this interview, the contents of which have only just begun to circulate, Verheiden revealed where the now-defunct Constantine show might have gone had the series been renewed after its first season. In particular, Verheiden discussed which characters would have gained more prominence had the story carried on.

"I believe we had already set up the Spectre in the series, so we definitely had plans to go forward and introduce more DC Universe characters from the dark world, but trying to remember exactly who now," said Verheiden. "Obviously, we had Papa Midnite, we had the Spectre, we had characters from the Constantine series that we brought in... I can't remember specifically off the top of my head now if we had any specific plans on any specific large-scale DC Dark type characters, I do know we had more plans for the Spectre."

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Given that Constantine's run concluded nearly four years ago, Verheiden is understandably a bit fuzzy on the exact details. "So I think the short answer to that is I'm not, I don't wholly remember or I'm not sure, we may not have gone on long enough to have planned all that out, but I think if we had gone forward we would have tried to reach into the DC toolbox and pull out what seemed appropriate to that world," said Verheiden.

Fortunately for Verheiden, he is still getting the chance to flesh out the darker, more supernatural side of DC on the small screen thanks to the aforementioned Swamp Thing series. It's a fitting next step, seeing as how the character of John Constantine originated from Alan Moore's Saga of the Swamp Thing comic. Moreover, while he only got to play the character in his own show for one season, Matt Ryan's John Constantine has found new life thanks The CW's Arrowverse, as well as Warner Bros. Animation.

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Still, one has to wonder what it would have been like had a fully-realized, live-action take on the macabre Hellblazer mythos made it onto television.

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