Constantine plays high-stakes poker in 'Hellblazer' fan film

Writer/director Richard Reynolds and Waking Dream Studios have a simple message for DC Comics and Vertigo: "Bring back Hellblazer."

To that end, they've produced "John Constantine: Hellblazer -- Soul Play," a short film described as an "all-swearing, all-smoking, all-grifting tale of John Constantine is set in the Vertigo Hellblazer continuity, months after Peter Milligan's final issue."

In the short, Constantine sits down with a trio of demons for a hand of poker in which the stakes aren't only just his own soul, but those of assorted friends, exes and family members. It's a pretty straightforward premise, but fans of Hellblazer will likely find something to enjoy here. And be sure to stick around after the credits for the Chas cameo.

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