Constantine, Hellboy, Batman, 30 Days of Night: March 1st Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has the first look at the Vermin Man, a character in the Vertigo adaptation.


Wanna see the new TV spot that popped up on Sunday night TV? ComingSoon.net has QuickTime versions of the whole thing for your review. The film has been rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence and frightening images.


Dark Horizons has new gossip about Christian Bale's Bat-gear in the new Chris Nolan-directed adventures of Bruce Wayne. "The Batsuit is currently being made at a secret location in Hampshire and will be delivered to Shepperton late April. The other description online was probably the dummy cowl with the same surface material which is being used for camera testing only, this one may be in the Bob Kane 1930s design as a joke. The genuine suit appears to be in separate sections at the costume designer's Hampshire workshop, although the only parts missing were the utility belt and boots which weren't visible when I took a peek. The body and sections are dark grey and rippled somewhat to look like real skin, imagine how they portrayed Spawn and you get the right idea. The Bat symbol is across the chest armour and not in a yellow oval. The cowl and cape are black or dark blue, the cowl looks like the skin material too and is thinner and has realistic human features like cheekbones and forehead. The ears are fairly long like in the previous movies and the design of the eyes and jaw cutaways are similar. Overall the suit doesn't look as exaggeratedly muscular as it was before and the rubber like material is thinner. I would be worried if this was made for any of the previous actors but Christian Bale is carrying a bit of bulk and beef and this suit would have been made specifically for his larger frame."

Also, Superhero Hype has a scooper claiming to have inside info on the score: "I just found out from a friend that works at Warner Brothers that David Julyan, who has done every score for Nolan in the past, is doing the score for 'Batman Begins.'" They also have a scooper in Iceland, who said: "Just wanted to inform you that the Batman Crew has arrived in Iceland and is going within a few days start to film 'Batman Begin' in Öræfasveit. 'Begin's' spokesman here in Iceland, SagaFilm has asked Icelandic media not to try to interview the film crew and cast."


The Anchorage Press has an article about the upcoming adaptation of Steve Niles' vampire story, helmed by Sam Raimi. It discusses the premise of the film and includes some quotes from Niles regarding his creative process. Niles himself commented on his message board responding to fan worries with this: "Another writer coming on is standard operating procedure. I'm in contact with the writer and he's cool and wants to preserve the story from the comic... probably more than my script even did. I still have faith. The year off thing is goodm too. It's the first time we've heard anything close to a date."


Will Wesley Snipes be swingin' like a Wu-Tang sword? MTV reports that "The Wu-Tang Clan 's RZA will score the upcoming flick 'Blade: Trinity,' the third installment in the Wesley Snipes -as-vampire-hunter series. Jazz trumpeter Terence Blanchard will also score tracks for the film."


Paul Dini confirmed on his weblog that he's involved with a new animated series featuring the Last Dog from Krypton. Speculation guesses at at 2005 debut for the show on Cartoon Network.


Can't get enough wholesome Kansas goodness? Kryptonsite has spoilers for the deleted scenes on the hot new Season 2 DVD.


ToonZone has an updated list of villains appearing on the new animated series, which includes Bane, Joker, Killer Croc, Penguin, Catwoman, Clayface, Man-Bat and Mr. Freeze.


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