[SPOILER] Can't Wield a Green Lantern Ring – But What Does That Mean?


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Green Lanterns #47 by Tim Seeley and V Ken Marion, in stores now.

Throughout the years, many DC characters have tried a Green Lantern ring on for size, to varying results. For example, Batman once showed that he could easily wear the ring if he chose to (although the ring declared he'd make an even better Yellow Lantern), and Green Arrow was once able to briefly use the ring, although it pretty much took everything he had in him to make a single construct. It's well known that in order for a character to be able to wield a Green Lantern ring, he or she has to have the ability to overcome great fear, a feat possible thanks to the willpower inside of their hearts.

In this week's Green Lanterns #47 we see a new character try on the ring: the Hellblazer himself, John Constantine. However, much to our surprise, the master of the occult isn't able to do anything with the ring. He can't turn it on, or even attempt to make even the smallest construct. Simply put, the ring doesn't answer to him in the least. But why?

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Green Lanterns John Constantine ring

In the DC Universe, John Constantine is effectively a jack of all trades. He has many tricks up his sleeves, and there are many things that he can do, magic-based and otherwise. After everything he has been through, if anyone would have enough willpower to use a Green Lantern ring, if anyone would have enough knowledge and skill to pull it off, at least a little, you'd think it would be him. And yet, the ring he tries on, which belongs to Jessica Cruz, doesn't so much as glimmer. What's more, no one is more surprised to see John can't use the ring more than himself. By all accounts, he really thought he would be able to pull off this trick.

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Of course, there's likely an in-story explanation for why John's attempt to power the Green Lantern ring didn't work. In the Green Lanterns comic series, which partners Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz as the Earth's cosmic defenders, Jessica has been venturing into increasingly uncharted territory when it comes to her ring. In fact, as the series has progressed, we've come to learn that Jessica's willpower is unmatched. In fact, it's so strong that it was able to rewrite the core programming of the ring. More, in her hands (or, on her finger), the ring isn't just a weapon -- it talks back. It has personality.

All signs point to Jessica's ring being very, very different from the others. Perhaps it simply didn't allow Constantine to use it, or perhaps its new programming makes it impossible for someone other than her to use it. If Constantine had tried on Simon Baz's ring instead, perhaps the mage would have seen different results. As it stands, we can't know for sure if Constantine can wield a Green Lantern ring or not -- we'll have to wait for the Hellblazer's next team-up with the Justice League to find out.

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