Constantine, Elektra, Batman Begins: May 14th Comic Reel Wrap


Access Hollywood has the new trailer online (Windows Media/Real formats) as does Warner Brothers, who've posted a high resolution version of the trailer will on Straight to Hell Thursday night. CBR News took a bunch of stills from the trailer for you to examine below. Click to enlarge.


According to IMDB, new cast members for the Jennifer Garner-fueled action flick include Bob Sapp, Colin Cunningham, Hiro Kanagawa, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. IGN's FilmForce claims that "Tagawa portrays Roshi, the leader of the ninja group The Hand; Cunningham plays McCabe, an agent who works with Elektra; Kanagawa is Meizumi, a senior Hand council member; and Sapp belongs to an elite team of Hand operatives."


There's new photos from the set at St. Pancreas over at Katie Holmes Pictures. Ain't It Cool News also has some casting rumors, alleging that british singer Tim Booth is on board as a villain of some sort (with a sighting of him at the St. Pancreas set).


Ain't It Cool News also mentions that "Bob "The Beast" Sapp, the K-1 fighter/gigantic human being ... arrived in L.A. for screen tests for the part of Ben Grimm. He has been told he is one of two final candidates."


The photo book at Rope of Silicon has twelve new shots from the partially animated feline flick, featuring the voice talents of Bill Murray.


With the series apparently cancelled, actress Victoria Pratt shot down hopes of a movie ever happening, and Moviehole has the dish: Q: Has there been any talk of a movie version of Mutant X? A: No. I think we'd probably be sued again. Q: It was hard enough just getting the show? A: That's the thing. It's the Marvel world and Marvel's making all kinds of movies, but I don't think Marvel will be making "Mutant X." Q: So Avi doesn't come to the set and hang out anymore? A: Avi never did come to the set and hang out with us guys.


Ain't It Cool News has a rumor about Kraven and the Chameleon popping up to vex Peter Parker in the third installment of this Marvel saga.


The deluge of spoilers about next week's season finale "Covenant" continues over at Kryptonsite. Also, the WB has posted this season's Smallville Yearbook on their official site.


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