Constantine 2, X-Men 3, Smallville, A History of Violence: September 14th Comic Reel Wrap


A tale of competing stories -- on one hand, you have Superhero Hype claiming that actor Keanu Reeves is gung ho to do a sequel to the Vertigo adaptation, but that Warner Brothers execs aren't too keen on the cost-to-profit ratio. On the other hand, Sci Fi Wire claims that Reeves said, "Not with me" when asked about even the possibility of a sequel.


There's an interesting interview at The XVerse with Jess Platt, the production's dialect coach. "Every movie set is like a new country," Platt said. "If you've ever been on a set, you'd understand. New politics, new leadership, new population. It's always a little bit of a struggle at the beginning and is somewhat confusing, but it generally finds its way."


Kryptonsite has an interview with executive producer Al Gough, who debunks the Dean Cain rumors, drops some spoilers about the new antagonist facing Clark this season and compares and contrasts Fortresses of Solitude.


MSN Movies has a new clip from the Viggo Mortensen-fueled graphic novel adaptation, called "My Name Is Tom."


Comics Continuum has information on new episodes of the Cartoon Network animated series, which returns on September 24th, including a great picture of the animated version of Robotman.


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