Constantine 2, Ghost Rider, Superman, Fantastic Four: February 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


Yeah, you heard right -- in an article at the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers officials admit they're ready to move on a sequel to the Hellblazer adaptation. "Across town at Warners, executives were likewise upbeat about the debut of 'Constantine.' 'Considering that this was an unknown quantity, we're obviously really pleased with the results and look forward to the sequel,' president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman said. 'The exits were excellent, which leads us to conclude that the film will continue to do well,' he noted. Co-produced with Village Roadshow, 'Constantine' skewed slightly more male with 56% but was equally balanced in the age demographic with a 50-50 ratio of those older and younger than 25."


Superhero Hype has a set report from the set of the Nicolas Cage vehicle. "Oooooh, my nice dark lonely midnite walk around the Melbourne cemetery was interrupted last night by about 200 people and four bloody big flood lights! Must have been the first night shoot down there. I wanted to invite Wes and Nic around for some 'Not Bacon' in the morning but i couldn't see him. There was plenty of motorbikes and makeup vans, i might buy one of those masks and sneak on the set. If anyone can contact Wes and Nic, tell them their breakfast is getting cold."


Variety is also reporting that the New South Wales government has made an aggressive bid to persuade Warner Bros. to shoot Bryan Singer's "Superman" in the state. The movie is due to start filming March 7 at the Fox Studios in Sydney. The producers are building giant sets of "Metropolis" in two soundstages and spanning the area between those stages. Earlier plans to build permanent sets at the Warner Roadshow Studios in Queensland - which, after filming, could have been used as an attraction for the adjoining WB Movieworld theme park -- were scrapped as too costly.


Composer John Ottman is quoted on the Superhero Hype message boards to talk about what he will and won't be doing. When asked about the Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation, he said, "Well the Fan Four music will be driving like X2, but a little more light, as Fan Four is not as dark as X2. That's about all I know at this point. Just getting started on it. And, no, that music wasn't mine in the trailer." As for a return to Westchester, Ottmain said, "I have no idea what's going on with it. I think it's on hold for the moment, which sucks. I'd love to score a follow up to my score ... We'll see what happens.""


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