Conroy, Paulsen, Romano & More Creating All-New Animated Series

Some of the biggest voice actors in superhero animation are teaming up to create an all-new cartoon series, and they're bringing along one of the most influential animation directors ever to help them build their new world.

Rob Paulsen (Raphael on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Kevin Conroy (Batman on Batman: The Animated Series) and Cal Dodd (Wolverine, from X-Men: The Animated Series) are headlining the voice cast for The Gang's All Here, a new animated show the "centers on an animal cast of actors as they star in their own films and navigate the pitfalls of the entertainment industry."

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Andrea Romano, best known for her fan-favorite work on Batman: The Animated Series and for helping to shape the worlds of Warner Bros. animated DC Universe Original Movies, is also involved in the show, despite having retired from the industry earlier this year.

The series, announced via The Hollywood Reporter, will be written with an audience consisting of both adolescents and adults, and will be fully cast and developed before its creators shop it to prospective buyers. The Gang's All Here is being co-developed by Paulsen and Byron Burton, a screenwriter who met Paulsen just last year at a convention and soon after pitched the veteran voice actor on the project. Paulsen will also provide the voice for a character named Patches, a warthog who's speech pattern is based on Christopher Walken's.

Kevin Conroy will provide the voice for two animals on the show: a bookworm bear named Frances (a Frasier Crane-esque character), and a dog named Barkley, who also happens to be a superhero. "It's certainly unique for me, because it's getting involved with the creative people earlier as the package is being put together," Conroy told THR of his involvement with the series.

Romano, who is known for her work casting voices for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's Timmverse, will voice her own character on the show. Meryl described as a Barkley's feline sidekick. "This is so different than what we've been doing in terms of creating things with actors," she told THR. "I think it speaks volumes that I'm willing to look at it when I'd just retired."

Dodd will voice Sargent Snout, a pig with more than a few similarities to '80s-era Sylvester Stallone. The one-time Wolverine actor will also provide the voice for a character who is an actual wolverine.

Composer John Ottman, who has written music for numerous movies, including a number of live-action X-Men installments, will write the score for the series.

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