The Jetsons Movie: Sausage Party Director to Develop Animated Film

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Meet Conrad Vernon.

Variety today reported that the Sausage Party director has been tapped to develop the upcoming The Jetsons animated film. Before you raise your eyebrows, rest assured that Vernon has more wholesome credits including Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, Shrek 2 (even providing the voice of Gingy for the the franchise) and Monsters vs. Aliens. The script is being written by Matt Lieberman who has also writing the Scooby- Doo animated reboot.

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A reboot of the Hanna-Barbera classic has long been in development. At one point it was set to be live-action and somehow also feature Kanye West, both of which is no longer the case. West hasn't been attached to the film since 2015, when it was revealed to be an animated feature.

The Jetsons only ran from 1962-1963 but still reached cultural ubiquity with its futuristic vision of the otherwise typical American family. The show was set in 2062, so there's still several more decades to achieve the sky bound lifestyle it presented.

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