Connor Hawke Coming To "Legends Of Tomorrow"

Following TV Line's scoop that "Legends of Tomorrow" is in the process of casting an "African-American or biracial male who 'decides to put on the uniform of a missing hero who once stood for justice and hope,'" ComicBook.com checked with Warner Bros. to see if that character was in fact Connor Hawke. The site says that the WB confirmed that Connor Hawke is indeed coming to the show, but withheld further info aside from stressing that the "Legends" version of Hawke will not be the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke.

That last bit of news may come as a blow to fans eager to see that specific bit of "Green Arrow" canon come to life; in the comics, Connor is the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke, his college girlfriend. The young archer grows up to be a confident martial artist and, as happens often in the DC Universe, the son took over the Green Arrow mantle in the late '90s when Oliver was believed dead -- most notably in Grant Morrison and Howard Porter's "JLA" run.

Considering the fact that "Legends" is a series that involves time travel and that "The Flash" has introduced the concept of multiple Earths this season, it's possible that Connor could either be the Green Arrow of another Earth (Earth-2?) or Oliver's son from the future. Considering how gung-ho the CW shows have been about adapting DC continuity, either option seems more likely than this Connor having no connection to the Arrow legacy.

"Legends of Tomorrow" debuts on the CW in 2016.

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