Conner Kent's New 52 Erasure Will Be Dealt With in Detective

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There are still many classic DC Comics characters absent following the publisher's 2011 reboot The New 52, and at the top of the list of the missing for many fans is Conner Kent. Countless readers have asked for the return of the pre-New 52 Superboy over the past six years, and Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV has heard their cries.

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During DC's Batman panel on Saturday at New York Comic Con, Tynion said the answer to what happened to Conner is probably (read: definitely) going to be revealed beginning this week in Detective Comics #966. That issue will continue the Tim Drake-centered arc "A Lonely Place of Living," which deals with Red Robin's escape from Mr. Oz.

It's an arc that Tynion has said taps into what makes Drake important, and bringing Conner back -- or beginning the steps toward that -- would indeed be fitting. Tim and Conner were best friends in DC's pre-Flashpoint universe, so much so that Tim changed his costume to red and black after Conner's death. The two were also founding members of Young Justice (alongside Impulse/Bart Allen), and worked together as part of the Teen Titans.

Detective Comics #966 goes on sale Wednesday from DC Comics.

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