Connections between Marvel's Heroic Age and 2099?

I'm a year or so late to the game here, but a recent find while trolling through some issues of Spider-Man 2099 got me thinking; if the past that led up to the apocalyptic 2099 going on now? Let me explain.

In the early 90s, Marvel began a line of comics set over one hundred years in the future. In this future corporations had run amok, leading to a Blade Runner-esque future replete with hovercars and cybernetics galore. Although superheroes were prevalent in the 1990s of Marvel continuity, they were completely absent as the 2099 line began. Over time new iterations of Marvel icons began appearing, but what' s important for this is that in the 2099 future they teased as to what happened in the late 20th/early 21st century to get to this point. In an issue of Doom 2099, they go into some detail describing a "Heroic Age" (their term) that existed around the turn of the century, that fell into disarray with a massive "civil war" between humans and mutants.

That mention,way back in the nineties of a "Heroic Age" came full circle last year with Marvel's turn to their own "Heroic Age" post Siege, and as coincidental that might be it also gives me a bit of fanboy hope that something bigger might be coming along. Marvel has previously stated that the 2099 titles existed in a different universe -- Earth-928 to be exact -- but wouldn't it be unique if some of the events in the 2099 came true in the regular Marvel Universe? We only have 88 years to wait.

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