Congressman John Lewis and 'March' hit 'The Daily Show'

In what Top Shelf Productions describes as possibly "the first — and the last — time Jon Stewart ever features a graphic novel," Congressman John Lewis appeared last night on The Daily Show, where he discussed meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the 50th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," and his memoir of the civil rights movement March.

"People must understand," Lewis said, "and that's why we did [these] two books here, March Book One and Book Two, to tell the story, so our young people -- our children and their children -- will understand what happened and never forget it."

Lewis appeared in August 2013 on The Colbert Report, and in November 2013 -- along with collaborators Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell -- on The Rachel Maddow Show, after which March Book One rocketed to No. 12 on the Amazon Best Seller list.

You can watch the extended video of the interview below. Top Shelf also shared a photo of Lewis and Stewart together backstage. (If the video is unavailable, visit the Daily Show website.)

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