Congrats to the Eisner Award Winners!

Chris Ware won Best Writer/Artist, Building Stories won Best Graphic Novel and “Moon 1969: The True Story of the 1969 Moon Launch” by Michael Kupperman won Best Short Story, so all is right with the world!

That isn't to say that I took issue with the other results. On the contrary, I found them to be quite strong picks for the most part, but the above three were the only three categories I would have been upset about had the eventual winners NOT won. Ware deserves a Nobel Prize for Building Stories and Kupperman deserves a cathedral devoted to the awesomeness of "Moon 1969." Just for Quincy M.E. being sent on the moon mission in case there are any suspicious deaths on board!

Check out the rest of the winners here.

Sorry to our sister blog, Robot 6, for not winning their category. If they were going to lose, though, I know that they certainly couldn't begrudge losing to someone as deserving as Tom Spurgeon.

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