Congo's Patrice Masioni Makamba to draw <i>Unknown Soldier</i> arc

Pamela Mullins announced on the Vertigo blog yesterday that issues 13-14 of Unknown Soldier will feature artwork by Patrice Masioni Makamba, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and now lives in France.

In a follow-up post, series writer Joshua Dysart said they wanted to find a fill-in artist from Africa, where the story takes place, for series regular Alberto Ponticelli.

"But locating the perfect person for the job was no easy task," Dysart writes. "A lack of exposure to artists from that region of the world and the extremely jarring, culturally specific art styles of those we did find made the search difficult to say the least. But eventually we did discover our man – Pat Masioni, from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He’s from a little further west than where our book occurs, but once you hear Pat’s story, in his own words, you’ll understand why he was the best choice for this mini-arc."

Graphic Content also reprints an introduction by the fill-in artist, which will run in issue 13. You can check it out at the second link.

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