Conflicted about <i>The Avengers</I>? Here's your solution

Many comics fans are struggling right now to find a workable position to take on the issue of creators' rights. On one end of the spectrum are folks who have no problem boycotting everything Marvel and DC Comics do until past and present creators are treated fairly. On the other end are those who simply don't give a crap and are all for corporations doing whatever they're legally entitled to. Somewhere in between though are those of us who are torn between wanting to see creators treated fairly and being really super-excited to watch The Avengers. What are we to do about that?

My insistence on seeing a film seems really freaking petty when Chris Roberson is willing to give up work over these issues, but at the end of the day, I know I'm gonna go see that damned movie. My not seeing it won't make a bit of difference to Jack Kirby's family -- and besides, what did Robert Downey Jr. ever do to me, anyway? And yet ... Chris Roberson.

Fortunately, Jon Morris has an awesome solution. "So how about this?" he writes. "You’re probably going to go see The Avengers and, judging by the early reviews, you’ll probably enjoy it. How about -- as a thank you to the creators who brought you these characters in the first place, who gave you something to enjoy so much -- you match your ticket price as a donation to The Hero Initiative?"

Morris is a genius, and we should do what he says. I know I will, and not just my ticket price, but that of my wife and son, who are big fans of the Marvel movies. If you can afford to, maybe consider doubling your ticket price for a donation, just to cover someone else who doesn't know about the creators' rights issue or hasn't heard of The Hero Initiative. The point is, if you care about creator rights, but don't think that boycotting is the answer for you, donating however much you're comfortable with to the support of those creators is an excellent idea.

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