Dressing Up Is Hard To Do: 15 Whisper Confessions Of Superhero Cosplayers

Any superhero has marvelled at cosplayers at one time or another. Some cosplayers are incredibly talented because they chameleons. They have the ability to morph into any and every character. They make it a mission to become a character, no matter the challenge. Whether it requires gender bending, hours in the makeup chair or thousands of dollars for top of the line, realistic parts for their costume, they're up for it all in the name of their love of the craft and the characters they honor. There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes when it comes to the creation process as well as the drama of a cosplayer's life.

It may seem like a huge thrill to lose yourself in a character and find a ton of Comic Con/Internet fame, and a lot of the time it is great, but it isn't always the case. Whisper is the perfect platform for cosplayers to share their deepest, darkest secrets. Some of them are genuinely heartfelt love letters to their art, while others are sad and there are even some really shocking ones to boot. Let's take a lot at 15 of the hottest, most shocking Whisper confessions by cosplayers.

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This cosplayer admits that her boyfriend never really got why people cosplay. In fact, he thought it was pretty stupid. He probably thought only the biggest nerds cosplay and they just end up looking silly and embarrassingly dorky. However, when his girlfriend finally did put her own cosplay on, he pulled a complete 180 and changed his tune right away.

We can only imagine what costume she decided to wear but her boyfriend certainly approved of her choice and we're guessing it was something pretty steamy. Chances are that she didn't have a chance to wear that cosplay in public because she never got past the bedroom door wearing that thing. They must have had quite a time. No wonder her boyfriend likes cosplay now.


Here we have a cosplayer who confessed on Whisper that they have a huge crush on a guy that helps them with their cosplay. They go on to admit that he looks absolutely gorgeous in his Loki costume. We don't know much of anything about their relationship, but it is probably safe to say that they are only friends at this point and they're probably not the closest of friends either.

It seems as though they only get together to work on their cosplays. If this person admits their feelings for him, he could either accept them or reject them. If they get rejected, we can't imagine that they will continue working on their cosplays together anymore.


Some cosplayers are so dedicated to their craft and immerse themselves so fully into their costume that you might think you're talking to a guy when in the reality, there's a girl under all the makeup, special effects and prosthetics. This female cosplayer takes pride in the fact that people often mistake her for a guy when she is fully decked out in a male cosplay, meaning she's done a hell of a job.

She absolutely loves to see their reaction when they find out that she's actually a girl. And we don't blame her for the pride she takes in fooling people. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to completely transform into a male character and it must be really fun to see people's reaction to that.


While some people use Whisper to confess dark secrets, others use it as they would a personals ad in the newspaper. This one post reads "I'm a short BBW cosplayer who's into tall skinny white guys who are also nerds." This self-identified nerd is into other nerds. She also considers herself a big beautiful woman and she cosplays, but she never reveals what she cosplays as. We also have no idea if she is more of a comic book fan, a manga fan or something else.

So although we have very little information about her, chances are that she probably got a few hits online. She may have even found herself a boyfriend since this was posted on Whisper. We certainly hope she found her tall drink of water.


The girl in this Whisper confession admits that a lot of people have told her she looks like the Canadian version of Margot Robbie, so naturally she takes advantage of that when it comes time to cosplay at any Comic Con or comic book event in the area. We have to admit that we're not exactly sure what a Canadian version of Margot Robbie is.

Is that any different than an American version of Margot Robbie or a British version? Perhaps it would have been simpler to state that she is a Margot Robbie look-a-like. Semantics aside, she certainly gets a lot of attention at Comic Con if she looks like Robbie and that must be pretty crazy to experience at every one of these events.


While some people cosplay for fun and don't actually care whether or not they are a perfect representation of the characters they cosplay as, others are too critical of how they look to pursue their dream and cosplay. This person reveals, "Wish I was skinny so I could cosplay." While mass media have done a lot to ruin the self esteem of people around the world, it is up to each person to cultivate their self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Accepting your body and having the confidence to do what you want and wear what you want is the kind of positivity that cosplaying instills into each and everyone who dresses up. It doesn't matter what size you are, getting lost in a character and in a world is something that everyone can do when they cosplay.


When you're a cosplayer and you start to attend a lot of big comic book, anime and sci-fi events, you begin to make a name for yourself in cosplay circles, and you start to make other cosplayer friends. Unfortunately, your new cosplayer crew might not always be the friends you thought they would be. Sure, you have similar interests but that doesn't mean they won't drop you as soon as someone better comes along.

Although we're not exactly sure why this cosplayer's crew decided to replace them because we don't know anything about the context, it would be pretty hurtful and lame if they replaced them without any legitimate reason. Perhaps they found another cosplayer that plays as more realistic version of the same character the Whisper poster cosplays as. Pretty cruel.


These are problems that only cosplayers or fashion designers can understand: when creating your clothing and costumes, sometimes you'll hurt yourself. Actually, you are bound to hurt yourself. When you deal with sharp objects, hot glue and a sewing machine, changes are that you will have an accident or two. The person who wrote this post on Whisper has clearly been through the ringer and is used to having cosplay mishaps.

Their reaction to their violent accidents? An indifferent 'Meh'. We understand this reaction entirely because although the first time might sting, by the time you're a seasoned cosplayer, you know that pain comes with the territory. You just have to roll with it and this cosplayer is clearly used to getting hurt while working on their costumes.


This girl admits on Whisper that she would like to find a man that will spoil her by buying her cosplay costumes so that she could give him a little show at home, perhaps some roleplay action with his favorite characters. This sounds like a dream for any comic book/anime nerd out there and we can just imagine them drooling over their keyboard and counting the pennies in the piggy bank and praying they have enough to spoil this girl.

The girl from Whisper concludes her confession with the admission that a guy with money is certainly a huge plus in her book. As great as her offer might sound, do they really want to be with someone who just wants them for their money and nothing else?


The bought vs made debate in cosplayer circles wages on. Those who are pro made costumes believe that those who buy them aren't real cosplayers because anyone can by a costume while it takes actual skill to build one entirely from scratch. They would argue that those who buy their costume are lazy and want all the glory without the hard work and sweat behind it. This Whisper confession reveals the other side of the argument.

The confession states that not everyone has the skill or time to create a costume from scratch so you can't blame some cosplayers for buying their costume. They also point out that the amount of time you spent working on your cosplay doesn't make it better than a bought one.


This Whisper confession is very honest and sad and touches upon self-esteem issues that come up often when it comes to being in the public eye. Not everyone woman can have a perfect hourglass figure and not all men can be super jacked muscle men like the art found in superhero comic books. That is why some people feel particularly self-conscious when they put themselves out there and cosplay.

This confession reveals that the person loves to cosplay but they feel that people aren't as interested in their costume because they are overweight. Unfortunately, their assessment might not be too far from the truth. People can be very judgmental and dismissive of others. While the costume may be great, they could be judged just because they are overweight.


This cosplayer admitted in this Whisper confession that they have a huge crush on their mentor who is helping them craft their own cosplay costume. They are really attracted to him because he is very artistic and it makes them nervous to be around it. It must be very difficult given the close quarters when working on this specific kind of project.

We can't ever imagine that it is very easy to work together while having such a big crush on him. We can only hope that this situation resolves itself. This can only happen if the cosplayer gets over their crush or if they admit their feelings which could go either way. The mentor could accept their advances or awkwardly deny the cosplayer's affection.


The Virgin-Killing sweater was originally designed to be worn by women. It is a jumper/turtle neck combo that is extremely revealing on the sides and the back remains entirely bare. It is extremely revealing without actually showing anything. It's actually quite brilliant when you think about it. It is meant to make men fall in love on the spot.

It has been called "doutei wo korosu" in Japanese which translates to any virgin male that looks at a woman wearing the jumper will die from excitement. This cosplayer admits that she has never been more attracted to a man more than when she saw one wearing one of these sweaters at a cosplay event. Sure, the jumper normally meant for women, but it seems like this guy really rocked it.


This cosplayer reveals that being in costume makes her feel far more confident than when she is not in costume. This is actually a typical answer we often hear from actors. Some have social anxiety, speech impediments, or they are extremely timid. However, put them on a stage, on the radio or in front of a camera and give them a script and they come alive.

They lose themselves in the character they are playing and they instantly become a million times more confident. Why? Because they are no longer themselves. When cosplayers put on their costume, they are no longer their awkward selves. They have become an iconic superhero that is universally loved, a terrifying villain or an obscure character that few people know.


Not all people love cosplayers. In fact, this person of Whisper confesses that cosplayers are basically glorified strippers. The confessor isn't opposed to the idea, and chances are that they go gaga just like everyone else and marvel at cosplayers' ability to wear so little in public and get away with it.

Of course, dressing up as a female comic book, video game or anime character is the perfect excuse to parade half naked at Comic Con because unfortunately, these art forms tend to be rather misogynistic and the women portrayed in the pages of your favorite comics are often half naked for the sole purpose of getting more readers. Cosplayers are playing the same game. They know that they will get more fans if their costumes are revealing.

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