Concept Art Reveals the 'Toy Story 3' That Could Have Been

In an alternate reality, Disney didn't buy Pixar after their initial three-picture deal expired in the early '00s, thus leaving Pixar's sequels to be produced by another animation company. Thanks to Comic Book Movie, we now have a glimpse into that alternate world and the Pixar-less Toy Story 3 that might have been.

In 2004, a CEO-level feud between Pixar's Steve Jobs and Disney's Michael Eisner led to Disney bringing in Circle 7 Animation to work on sequels in the event the relationship between the two companies couldn't be repaired. Those films were Finding Nemo 2, Monsters Inc. 2 and Toy Story 3. Circle 7 visual development artist Jim Martin has revealed what the third Toy Story might have looked like through concept art of the film's key moments posted on his blog.

The plot of the film, written by Meet the Parents scribe Jim Herzfeld, saw Andy's toys shipping a malfunctioning Buzz Lightyear back to the Taiwanese company that made him in the hopes of repair. When a massive recall on Buzz figures goes out, the toys -- Woody, Rex, Slinky, Jessie and the rest -- rush to Taiwan to rescue their friend from certain destruction. You can check out some concept art from the abandoned sequel below, and the rest over on Jim Martin's blog.

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