Concept Art Hints At Fox's Potential "X-Force" Movie Lineup

A concept artist, working off Fox's script for a potential "X-Force" movie, has given fans a look at what a live-action version of the mutant strike force might look like.

"Kick-Ass 2" writer and director Jeff Wadlow was been attached to an "X-Force" movie since 2013, penning a script that went on to be praised by the likes of series co-creator Rob Liefeld, although new developments have been scarce as Fox seemingly turned its attention to "X-Men: Apocalypse," "Deadpool," and "New Mutants" films. But pro concept artist Greg Semkow is ready for Cable and company to come to life on the big screen, and shared a vision of the characters he says was inspired by Wadlow's script.

Art he shared online features "X-Force" mainstays Cable, Domino, Warpath, Cannonball and a hooded fifth mutant with a shock of white in her hair whose identity is less obvious. Semkow posted the designs to Twitter back in July, when he indicated that a groundswell of support from fans, not unlike the one that got "Deadpool" fast-tracked to theaters, could be what the movie needs to get off the ground.

Art inspired by the lineup from my friend @jeffwadlow 's #xforce script! Lets get the word out, we need the movie! pic.twitter.com/37Z5RLzRP2

- Greg Semkow (@gsemkow) July 2, 2015

"Art inspired by the lineup my friend @JeffWadlow's #XForce script! Let's get the word out, we need the movie!" his message reads.

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Semkow, whose concept design work can be found on his website, previously reached out to his "friend" Wadlow last December, when he tweeted at the director and shared his desire to collaborate together, potentially on a "Masters of the Universe" project, which he called his "ultimate dream job."

@JeffWadlow Hi Jeff, Im a pro concept artist, MOTU is my ultimate dream job. I'd love to work with u;) I'm serious! pic.twitter.com/hCTexttfw1

- Greg Semkow (@gsemkow) December 5, 2014

What do you think? Is this the "X-Force" you want to see in theaters? Has the artist been in contact, or even worked in collaboration with the writer/director since? Could this be an early effort by filmmakers to gain traction from fans and get the "X-Force" movie into high-gear? Or is this merely an artist sharing un-commissioned portfolio work, inspired by a script with buzz floating around Tinseltown? And who is the fifth mutant -- could it be a non-feral Wolfsbane?

The questions spread faster than Cable's techno-organic virus.

(h/t ComicBook.com)

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