Conan: The Frazetta Series #5

The fifth installment in Conan: The Frazetta Cover Series features both Frank Frazetta's tense, dramatic Man-Ape painting and an adaptation of Robert E. Howard's "Rogues in the House"-as interpreted by Timothy Truman, artists Cary Nord and Tomás Giorello, and colorist Richard Isanove. A longtime Howard favorite, this seminal Conan story first appeared in Weird Tales in 1934, and Frazetta's Man-Ape piece is one of his few Conan paintings to make a direct reference to one of Howard's works.

Our favorite barbarian has been living as a thief for some time, and his crimes are catching up with him. Becoming enmeshed in the plans of a treacherous nobleman and a dark priest, Conan finds himself making some strange allies in order to free himself from the labyrinthine, booby-trapped halls in the Red Priest's stronghold. Stalked by a mysterious, hulking horror that's grown out of control, Conan and the nobleman make a wary alliance with the Red Priest himself!

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