Conan The Cimmerian

Story by
Art by
Tomás Giorello
Colors by
Jos Villarubia
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

Conan the Cimmerian #0 marks a transitional period in young Conan's life, as he spurns the magicians, turncoats, and legal trappings of the cities he's seen in order to return to the beloved northern frontiers of Cimmeria, where he was born and raised. It also marks a turning point in the artistic muscle that will fuel Conan's adventures throughout 2008 and beyond. Writer Timothy Truman and Argentine artist Toms Giorello are joined by renowned colorist Jos Villarrubia in this special issue, as they deliver their adaptation of Robert E. Howard's "Cimmeria" poem. And what's up with Conan? He fights for his life when he crosses paths with a pack of Vanir raiders on the Cimmerian border!

Taking our brutal barbarian into his next exciting era!

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