Conan the Barbarian comes to Dark Horse

Press Release

Dark Horse Comics President Mike Richardson is proud to announce a new

publishing program featuring the legendary adventures of Conan the

Barbarian. The monthly ongoing series will include all new stories based on the classic Robert E. Howard character and also incorporate adaptations of his original Conan tales.

"I am very honored and excited to bring this classic character back to the comics world," commented Richardson. "We will be working closely with Fredrik Malmberg of Conan properties to ensure the highest quality stories and art to do this legendary character justice."

First introduced as "Conan the Cimmerian" in the 1930's, Robert E. Howard's character quickly garnered an enormous following the world over. Over the past 70 years the barbarian hero has been brought to life in books, comics, television, and film. Recently rumored to be in the works is a new Conan feature film!

"Conan has been a major comics franchise for many years," Fredrik Malmberg remarked. "Dark Horse was our number one choice when we looked for a new licensee and we are extremely pleased with the creative approach they are planning."

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