Conan reveals 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' clip you didn't know about

If you don't hear about the super-secret screening at Comic-Con International of a clip from director Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you're certainly not the only one. Fear not, though, as talk-show host Conan O'Brien has you covered.

"They showed it, and it was very private, very secret, and they showed it -- fans lost their minds," he said on last night's episode of Conan. "They're not going to show it again. We actually get a hold of the clip. Yes, you're welcome! [...] We got a hold of it, and we're risking a lot of legal trouble here, but we're just gonna go for it."

Of course, after all of that build-up, not to mention the Marvel and Columbia Pictures logos and the MPAA screen, what's actually shown isn't a sneak peek at the 2014 sequel, but rather a scene from the 1977-79 live-action Amazing Spider-Man television series. I believe it's from the two-part "Deadly Dust," which followed the pilot movie -- so technically it is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Maybe? OK, that's a stretch. Also, that's the only episode of the series I can recall ever seeing.

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