Conan O'Brien's Chris Ware homage

As if we didn't already have enough reasons to join Team Coco: Peggy Burns at Drawn & Quarterly draws our attention to a very cool pre-commercial bumper that the soon-to-be late and lamented Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien used the other night, featuring art that looks a whole heckuva lot like the sticks 'n' circles style of ACME Novelty Library genius Chris Ware. Peggy snagged the screenshot from Adam Kempa, who reproduces an earlier Ware Easter egg from the show as well. Unfortunately, with the final episode airing tonight, I guess we won't be seeing any more ... for now, at least.

I sat around trying to fill in the blank for "Heh, Jay Leno probably reads _____ instead," but I couldn't think of a comic so self-evidently lame that it wouldn't fill the comment thread with pissed-off fans anyway.

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