Conan May End Up On the Side of Marvel's Villains At Some Point

Will Conan start running with the wrong crowd in the Marvel universe? Signs point to yes. According to a recent CBR exclusive interview with writer Gerry Duggan (Arkham Manor, Deadpool), Conan the Barbarian may very well be spending some time with Marvel's villains in the near future.

Since early 2019, Conan has returned to his familiar stomping grounds in Marvel comics. The character left the house of ideas for a time but has returned in a rapid surge of new titles including a solo book (Conan the Barbarian) as well as additional books and spin-offs (The Savage Sword of Conan, Age of Conan: Valeria). Many of these harken back to Conan's roots with Marvel, but something truly new under the Hyborian sun is Conan's official canon induction into the modern Marvel universe. This new direction places him shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Wolverine and the Punisher in Savage Avengers. Conan has appeared in hypothetical one-offs, including a What If title where he went toe to toe with Thor. But this is Conan's first canon appearance alongside some of Marvel's most celebrated characters.

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"Conan’s a big part of it, of course, but so are the characters that are falling into his orbit, and then being expelled quickly. It’s a team book, with a building threat." Duggan told CBR. "The spotlight will move around, but I’ve already written some more of Conan meeting new characters… and Crom doesn’t care if Conan is hanging with the villains."

Conan has traditionally been a morally complicated character and the characters that appear alongside him have a similar reputation. Savage Avengers also features Venom (a former villain known for ferocious savagery) and Elektra (a trained assassin and mercenary). So can rapid Conan fans expect a similar turnabout from the destined King of Aquilonia?

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"Conan and Logan are buddies after fighting each other." Duggan said about the most recent issue of Savage Avengers "This is Frank and Conan’s chance to exchange ideas and weapons while they try to stay alive."

Savage Avengers #6 will be available on October 2, featuring Conan's quest with the Punisher across the Savage Land.

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