Conan, Kick-Ass, Defendor: Feb 16th Comic Reel


Latino Review has learned Leo Howard will play Young Conan in the film. While I'll jokingly speculate that we will see him on the Wheel of Pain, the article mentions Young Conan will have fifteen of screentime at the start of the picture. Howard previous appeared as Young Snake Eyes in "G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra."

Directed by Marcus Nispel, release date: TBA


Aaron Johnson spoke with Ain't It Cool News about his new film, Nowhere Boy -- a sort of 'John Lennon Begins' -- but he did offer this tidbit: "If 'Kick-Ass' goes on well. They've already got a few ideas for a 'Kick-Ass 2.'" Meanwhile IGN has added a series of new posters to its image gallery for the film.

Starring Nicholas Cage, release date: April 16th, 2010


Here comes the trailer for the superhero spoof, "Defendor," thanks to Trailer Addict. The film stars Woody Harleson and Elias Koteas (the other Christopher Meloni).

Release date: February 26th, 2010 in Los Angeles


Kryptonsite has learned another DC Comics character is coming to town. While that's nothing new in this season of the show, the choice of character is somewhat surprising. Maxwell Lord of JLI and "shot-Beetle-in-the-head" fame will be realized by a yet to be chosen actor. According to Kryptonsite, Lord will appear in the 19th episode, "Charade."

New episode: Friday


Seems the town took President's Day seriously yesterday buy shutting down and enjoying LA's unseasonable warmth. No, seriously, February shouldn't be as warm as it has been the past couple of days. Anyway, I'm sure today will see plenty of catch-up in the newshole. Of course, I'll be watching the first Olympic Curling match. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, just plain weird, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya bracing for the future threat of the news to come.

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