Conan Fights Mephisto in Marvel's Battle for the Serpent Crown

Conan the Barbarian's adventures in the Marvel Universe continue, with an iconic villain setting a trap for the Last Cimmerian: Mephisto.

Announced at MCM London Comic-Con, Saladin Ahmed and Luke Ross will team up for Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown. The five-issue miniseries. which has the warrior wandering through the Marvel Universe to obtain the mythical Serpent Crown of Atlantis, puts him on a collision course with Mephisto and other Marvel villains. The advance solicitation information from Marvel Comics is below.

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  • Written by SALADIN AHMED
  • Penciled by LUKE ROSS
  • Cover by GURU-eFX
  • CONAN wanders the desert, and as he reaches the city, no Stygian temple nor Vendyhan fortress greets him. No, something far stranger: the lights of Fabulous Las Vegas! Conan is far from home, and it’s time for him to tread the thrones of the Marvel Universe under his sandaled feet!
  • The City of Sin is just the beginning for Conan’s solo jaunt by Saladin Ahmed (BLACK BOLT, MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN) and Luke Ross (STAR WARS: ALLEGIANCE, SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN), as the barbarian finds himself on a quest for a relic that predates even his Hyborian Age: the Serpent Crown of Atlantis! But will his battle for this crown earn Conan his own kingdom, or doom him to a nefarious trap set forth by MEPHISTO? Featuring a wide array of Marvel heroes and villains, this is an adventure you can’t afford to miss!

After acquiring the publishing license to Conan, Marvel has since published two separate ongoing series starring the fan-favorite character while integrating him into the Marvel Universe with the weekly maxi-series Avengers: No Road Home. The character is also a key member of the Savage Avengers and is slated to team up with Moon Knight in the upcoming miniseries Conan: Serpent War.

Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown #1 is written by Saladin Ahmed and illustrated by Luke Ross. No official release date has been announced at this time.

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