Conan Exiles: Option to Play As Naked Cimmerian Blocked in U.S. Edition

While international gamers will be more than welcome to play the new Conan Exiles video game with their avatar doing battle in the buff, many Xbox owners in the United States will have to make do with slaying monsters and villains while wearing the Cimmerian legend's traditional furry loincloth.

Fans who purchase the game on disc will find that unlike those who bought it on Steam, or European gamers who bought the mature audiences version of their discs, they will have no option to play the game with a naked character.

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Funcom, who developed the game, explained last week that the reason for the feature loss in American editions was a financial one. If the developer had left the option intact for U. S. audiences, the game would have been slapped with an AO (Adults Only) rating -- a veritable kiss of death for console games, as major retailers like Amazon, Game Stop, Target, etc. won't stock AO games. The 18+ rating in Europe does not have the same stigma attached, thus the naked gameplay option remains intact overseas.

As stated above, the ability to play as a naked Conan is not completely off the table in the States; Steam has, and will continue to offer the option to subscribers as its service does not adhere to the ESRB or its guidelines.

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